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    General Chat range too far...

    I know that the devs plan to get rid of Global chat on release, but does anyone else feel like the General chat has a bit too big of a radius? For me it's kind of an immersion breaker. One of the biggest things that makes this game interesting to me is the possibility to immerse yourself into your character, environment and situation.

    Being that it's post-apocalyptic the game has a solemn lonely feel, which makes the world you're in seem that much bigger and intimidating but also exciting! So when I hear someone's ridiculous argument about how dumb Americans are from across an entire lake in general chat (not global) it really ruins the mood for me.

    Anyone else know what I'm mean?

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    I'm assuming the end result of the chat system would be like the features listed on the website

    Whit the Global chat gone soon(tm) I think general chat will also see a (good in my view) overhaul.

    General chat based on hearing range.
    Whisper directed to specific players within range.
    Town and player group chat channels.
    Help channel to contact in game Guides.
    Town markets where players can place items for sal

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