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    Alt-Tabbing Xsyon

    So it is not possible for me to alt tab xsyon.
    Well if i alt tab to check my internet browser, xsyon just freeze.
    Since all MMO have dead time while playng ( let s say while i m resting) i dont want to just stay there and look at my char back ,lying on the ground...

    ANyone having the same problem? any solution? ( other than play in windowed mode)

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    yep I think just about everyone has this problem even windows mode dont work for me. still locks

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    Haven't loaded it yet (still downloading), but if this is a consistent issue, I hope this is something that can get resolved. I hate being stuck in-game because it will crash if I want to browse or answer an IM (I have Raptr but the overlay causes too many problems/crashes to be worth using).

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    Thank god for my ipad. But really I do wish alt-tab did work. 8gig of ram should be good enough to hold all this game and a browser.

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    Window mode makes this problem go away for me. If it still locks up after that, its your pc.

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    Same here, Xsyon in windowed mode works fine with alt-tab. You'll quickly learn to aim your cursor a couple millimeters below what you're trying to click too

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    I can't alt-tab either. This is the only game I have that I can't alt-tab in.

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    Agree. There is also a thread in the Suggestion forum.

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    Just poked around a bit and strangely enough the game lets me alt-tab without issues.

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    Yea, most everyone I know locks up alt+tabbing in full screen. And playing windowed is absolutely painful, hope they fix it at some point.

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