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Thread: Blood Owls

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    Blood Owls

    The Blood Owls are seeking new mature players, to play as a organized war and civilization tribe. We plan and strategize and bring big imaginations and things to Xsyon then Xsyon thinks us little humans are possible of.

    We will build great landmarks, we will conquer the largest of territories.

    We are very new to Xsyon and learning quickly. Our little core of 3-5 people have backgrounds from many past sandbox games, such as Face of Mankind, Darkfall, <cough> MO <cough> and others.

    We gank and have fun, but we dont annoy, we conquer, we establish, we control, we rule, we create, we exchange, we love and we cherish.

    If you wish to seek out the Blood Owls, send me a PM

    Right now we are neutral, but we are not totally sure of the nuetral basic rules, so this may change

    We are US based, west, central, and east coast players...

    We have a large TS3 chat server. Mic and Headset required!

    Age 16+ No attitudes.
    Whining is okay, we are not weak minded fanboys, however whining at someone is not acceptable. If antognization and screwing with ppl for shits and giggles is your character, don't apply.

    OK, now lets have some fun... PM ME

    WE are located in the USA, have west coast, central, and east coast players.

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    Hey Cackle is our leader, lets send him a hug

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    Hi everyone, Cackle here,
    My pre-order has been activated. Start learning how to make your fireworks
    The show is ready to begin..

    You can talk to my secretary Nobotters for all important questions in relations to our tribe.
    For anything in game related (war, behavior,etc) you can PM me. Thanks and Enjoy!

    Resident Owlchemist
    Blood Owls Leader

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