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    FTS - Fist Through Screen Recruiting!!!!

    FTS has disbanded in Xsyon and as a mutli-gaming guild.

    If you have previously been affiliated w/ FTS or are interested in the core mission, many of the old FTS members have reflagged under the new guild Tower of Power

    If you are playing AoC, SW:TOR, TSW, ArmaII, LOL, etc..

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    Recruiting new members who are looking to have fun and kick ass. Crafters, diplomats, PvPers all welcome!

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    Looking for a few good men, and women!! Check us out ;0

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    Welcome To the team kartoon! Glad to have ya!!!

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    This is the post we will roll with, sorry for the confusion.

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    FTS - recruiting players who play an hour a week, to those players that don't sleep!

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    Welcome Big Daddy! Glad to have ya, game on!

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    Come on down and check us out! Www.fts.guild

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    Welcome all new recruits

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