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    Great Developers

    I just want to say this team has put on a great show.

    Working like crazy through the weekend. That is what we expect as customers on a MMO launch.

    No sarcasm. GREAT JOB. All of these announcements and communication is fantastic.

    Anyone remember Mortal Online, They take a 2 week vacation after a Patch that broke the entire game. Go home for the weekend after they launch.

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    woot woot hell ya this game is gunna be great. i can fellz it in me bones

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    Unfortunately for them they will most likely be on call at all hours of all days until they get a larger team, servers tend to like to break the same as telemarketers like to call (dinner time).

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    Definately doing a great job .

    Despite getting annoyed with the way it went the first day , I know they will fix the problems and get us all playing smoothly as soon as they possibly can .

    The communication from the team has been fantastic , which in itself shows how much they value the playerbase . Most MMO's i've played rarely talked to the players when things went wrong , add in the fact that Xyson admitted the lag to be a bandwidth cap problem, if it had been SOE ( as an exmaple ) , all you would have been told is "it's being looked at " .

    So yes , a big thumbs up to them all , and here's hoping you can get a much needed break sooner rather than later

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    Christ, I do remember that from MO. And when the server crashed in Aussie time, which is also US night time, and no one would be there to restart the server until 6hrs later. Very amateur over there at Starvault.

    But I totally agree with the OP on the other account too. Jordi has done an amazing job through this trying period, and because of his great communication, and decisiveness, I cant say Ive heard anyone say anything particularly bad about the game/devs being crap. Quite the opposite. And that is one of the main things that sold this game to me originally, was the great communication, and willingness to listen to the community's advice.

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    I can't say enough good about these guys, last time I seen a dev team work this good with thier people was 15 years ago when I was one of them. I hope these guys find a few minutes of spare time though to go out on the web and check out some of the support people are giving them on the forums out there. If for nothing else to let them know what they are doing right and what sets them apart from so many others. They are doing it right, many more should take note.

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