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    New Eden

    In the aftermath of such destruction, a group of friends make the choice to move on. They walk forwards from the smothering green smog of destruction to find the one untouched location left on earth. Lake Tahoe. The friends decide to rebuild. Not what was lost, however, but instead, what mankind really yearned for. A New Eden. A pure paradise safe from the horror and destruction all around them, where machines and guns are just a faded memory, replaced instead by tools of the past, when men worked hard to live, and respect meant more than wealth. And so, out of the mist, a tribe of ideas and ideals rises up to make its mark on (what is left) of the world we know.

    A little bit about our tribe:

    We are, and always will be a neutral tribe. Our actions most of the time may be considered good, but at the end of the day New Eden does not pick sides, only friends.

    For us, PvP is reactive. If you attack us, we will attack you.

    New Eden is a paradise for everyone, not just tribe members. We are happy and willing to help out any friendly traveler who passes through, or any tribe who needs help.

    Crafting, building and general teamwork is what we enjoy, PvP is for protection only.

    People who join our tribe are mature, like minded, and can use a mic in Teamspeak.

    Age should not be a problem, as we already range from 16 to 50-something years old.

    We already have a wide range of timezones, with members from Oceania, America, and Europe.

    If you decide you want to join, or just want to know more, send a pm to Burnt or dxwarlock on the forums, or Burnt and Motoyo in-game.

    Feel free to make a post if you have any questions or would like to know more, it saves us from having to mindlessly bump

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    If you are interested, throw me a pm, dxwarlock seems to be more popular than me and is slightly overloaded. thanks

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    Edition 002 of the Xsyon News Tribe of the Week.

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