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    Lightbulb Add Flying Creatures

    Some areas that have a rare resource, higher chance of turning up a useful item/recipe/material from scavaging put some awesome creatures around it to protect it. :O This game could easily bring back some named mythical creatures like the dragon/ or some feathered hybrid that looks like one but not just only have one, but an entire brood of them . That way if you piss one off, you can have the entire family of them agro on you and follow you to an enemy tribal site and kill all the helpless gatherers.

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    Not sure if you are serious or if this is a joke. Had a good laugh though.. Adding flying creatures to this game would be pretty out of context, however might I suggest a giant flying cat. If there were giant flying cats in Xsyon that would make me pretty happy.. I'd say a giant flying cat with a wingspan about the size of 5 football fields would be sufficient. There could be various different colour giant flying cats and they could also breath fire. Perhaps later once animal husbandry gets added then we could breed giant flying cats. There is great potential for breeding hybrid animals as well. For instance a bear could be bred with a giant flying cat to create a giant flying bear with catlike features like whiskers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ArrakisTheDragon View Post
    Put stuff in here that doesn't belong. So I can abuse them and annoy other people with them.
    On a more serious note. Right now there's not even ranged weapons in the game and you want to add flying things? That's really not something you've thought a lot about, eh?

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    Yeah first fix the combat before you think of big PvE encounters

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