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    Ingame feature questionaire

    I beleive I saw one other MMO that did this..but cannot remember which..

    But since Xsyon seem to be mostly "add content as we think of it, deem it a fun idea, and refine it"
    wouldn't a simple after login 'popup' to get feedback on ideas, or current features that are having issues be a good idea perhaps?

    say you login, you get a window that comes up, with some info about the idea/feature..what the devs have for ideas on changing/adding it..and a radio button list of options on what the player thinks works for him best. of course make it easy and short, so its not an annoyance to players..something that they can skim over and read, pick an option and be done and playing in under a minute.

    this would be way more effective and getting a true gauge of the players reactions to a feature/idea than the forums.
    as some players don't visit the forums at all, barely visit them..or passively read threads without replying, then complaining later of the changes in place (much like not voting, then complaining of the outcome of who was elected)

    this way you get a response and a tally of each player and the playerbase as a whole, and not the vocal minority that actively posts on the forums.

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    Good idea. I vote for it

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