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    The Ascended (Good)

    The Ascended

    Is a new tribe to Xsyon, we come from a multi-gaming guild that has been around for years. We have always been a team based guild with the goals of the team on the forefront of the leaderships thoughts..


    First set of objectives are to establish a strong player base for tribe defense & trading.

    We will then be looking to grow into or with the closest trading towns and establish a reputation for being honest good to our word traders & fighters.


    The structure of out leadership is a 5 member tribal council that take the ideas of our trusted members & then makes informed choices for the tribe. Those choices being final & without debate once made.

    (Final Thoughts)

    There will be many more things to be added to this post. Once we know exactly how more of the game mechanics work, we will then establish more info about our long term plans.

    We are really excited to be a post of rebuilding the world of Xsyon & making new friends along the way. You can find a list of our requirements & rules at The Ascended website under the Xsyon section.

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    Hi, I was interested in joining you, I talked to Storm yesterday but was unable to meet him at your camp because the server went down and when it came back up I was late getting back on so I missed them. My name in game is Maldred. I signed up for the website and all that good stuff.

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    I saw that & its good to meet you. my name in game will always be ButtaRock so even after the wipe, i can be found.. Anyway i think we are being wiped tomorrow so ill be getting online soon as i can.

    again nice meeting you. cya tomorrow

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    Cool, I will be maldred unless someone takes my name hehe Talk to you tomorrow after wipe.

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    hey guys, I'm finally back after all of the glitches and problems with the launch last friday. where do we meet up?


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    awesome, I think darius showed you the spot we are going..

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    Hemmingjay's with you guys? Well that's mighty cool, love that guy. Good luck in your endeavours Ascended, you sound like a good group and we'll probably end up trading in the future, I'm sure

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    well thank you, We will you guys/gals the best of everything also

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    Heya guys just wanted to pop in and say Hi and look forward to meeting you guys.

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