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    What I want to be in Xyson, is it possible?

    I want to be a shaman. Knowledgable in herbs and roots for healing, eating, and communing with the spirit realm. An affinity with animals, where i can train one as a companion, a bear perhaps? though I'd prefer a hawk. (Will birds even exist in this new world?)
    I want to be good with wood, and have my own canoe, which helps my fishing. Also making my own Bow, which would be my main weapon of choice.

    Some of these things i know are coming later, but how close can i get to that type of character role?

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    Well there are herbs ingame atm, you can eat, but can't commune with spirits, bears are ingame but you can't tame yet, No birds ingame yet(this is somthing i'd like to see along with bushes) you can be good with wood if you choose to by taking logging and woodcraft as starting skills, no canoes yet, you can fish if you have a rod, but there are no bows yet so if you max out your starting stats in charm and spirit take logging and woodcraft i guess you would be half way there.

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    Primary: Carrying Capacity, Combat Damage, Logging, Terraforming
    Secondary: Bone Craft

    Primary: Energy, Stamana, Hit Points, Resistance

    Primary: Combat Speed, Jumping, Swimming, Climbing

    Primary: Basketry, ToolCraft, WeaponCraft, BoneCraft, LeatherCraft, WoodWork, Tailoring, Cooking, Firebuilding
    Secondary: Logging, Fishing

    Primary: Poisoning, Healing, Architecture, Reading, Religion
    Secondary: Scavenging, Foraging, All Crafts, Stealing

    Primary: Cooking, Fishing, Scavenging, Foraging, Hiding, Detection, Stealing, WoodWork, Fire Building

    Primary: Animal Taming, Tribal Leadership, Religion, Fail, Luck
    Secondary: Hair Dressing

    Primary: Healing, Cooking, Animal Taming, Faith, Religion, Experience
    Secondary: Architecture, Basketry

    There are no shaman roles in the game yet, however they have stated that religion will deal with the magic in the game. You can currently find different types of plants, but not to much info about what youc an do with them other than the ones you can eat. Taming animals is stated to be just about ready. They haven't said what we can tame yet. No birds that I've seen. You need to be a woodcrafter to be good with wood, but you cannot make any type of boats or bow's yet.

    Range weapons are said to be coming soon during prelude.

    However you only get a certain amount of points to put towards your base stats, so not sure how much of that you can do and still be viable for each role you are wanting to do.

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    Eventually your stats will decrease and increase based on what you do. So in the long run you will be what you want to be stat/skill wise once the mechanics are set in place correctly.

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