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    Deathwatch (Mercenaries | Neutral) - Trading Post

    What is Deathwatch?

    Members: 55+, Average Age 28+

    Neutral Interview Done by New Vegas Republic:

    Our Long Term Goals are to build a trusted and known trading outpost.
    But also this:

    New player logs in and asks..
    Q: How do i craft this?
    A: Some random in local answers:You need tools, if you dont have them then head over to Deathwatch Tribe and do quests, they usually have quests for tools and other stuff you might need.

    We are a new to Xyson but old to the gaming industry.
    We have settled down in the mountains but aspire to create
    a trading mecka, together with this we plan on running a mercenary

    Out main focus will be to try and establish a remote trading outpost where people can
    come and do their business in peace, a neutral trading outpost to fill all your needs.

    We will also be providing protection and a safe home for people in need.

    Deathwatch Gaming Community is more than a gaming community,
    more than a bunch of people playing together, we are:
    [*] A State of Mind
    [*] A Brotherhood
    [*] A Familiy
    [*] A Relaxed Community
    [*] A Foundation
    [*] A Solid Structure

    - Master of Craft - 1 from each craft can step up and claim this title
    - Freemen - If you do not pick one of the other ranks you will be counted as a Freeman (craftsmen)
    - Guards/Merc - Your life consist of keeping the village and its land safe
    - Quartermaster - A person who keeps check on supplies and check up on Civilians with their needs
    - Merchant - You travel the lands to find trade with other tribes
    - Nomads - You live of the land but can always find your way home
    - Civilian - Latest Tribe Member (Based on activity it will take 1-2 weeks to reach any other rank)

    - Support its members
    - Establish a settlement
    - Get all new people integrated with the Community
    - Have a solid foundation that people want to call home
    - Inhouse market with competative prices and accessble
    - Establish a Mercenary Program

    Long Term Plans:
    - Full Settlement with full productionlines
    - Making Alliances and Trade agreements

    Who are we looking for?
    - New people, Old people, people from all Tz
    - Crafters, Gatherers, Roleplayers, Mercenaries
    - People who aint afraid of Social Interaction
    - People that are reliable and dedicated.
    - People that are calm and can appriciate a mutligaming community when they see one.
    - Team oriented/focused players.
    - People who aint afraid to take their own initiatives.
    - You need to be some what self-suficient.

    How to Apply
    Drop an Application here or just head over to
    our Community site and drop an application or just try to catch us ingame.

    Ingame Contacts: Archangei, Halbera, Marex, Chidar

    We stand with open arms, Sign up today for a better tomorrow

    What you get in return for your membership:

    - A Stable fun Multigaming Community
    - Not Saying that we will activly PVP every single day
    - We Craft, We Hunt, We PvP and we chillax

    - Required: To have a sense of humor
    - Gang/teamwork oriented mentality.
    - 16 years of age
    - Teamspeak installed
    - We are looking for [US / EURO / AFRICAN / ASIAN / AUSI] time zone players.

    Are you looking for that Chillaxed Tribe with no strings attached?

    We are openly recruiting. If your interested in joining please come by Our Community Website

    Progress so far:

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    Member of DWG for quite a time now so I will join you guys for sure.

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    We are mainly trying to establish a neutral trading outpost for everyones benefit.

    Mercenary business will be run on the side for those interested in pvp

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    I've answered to your thread on DW-forums!

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    Welcome to our new members Let's grow and prosper, some screens have been added to our forums showing our construction site

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    I love your vision, My in game name is britzban. Looking to be a part of a good community.

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    You are more than welcome to join us my friend

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    Ive also uploaded a new logo

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    I've been a member of Deathwatch since February last year. Great community, great members. We are looking for new applicants of all backgrounds providing you are mature ;]

    You'll need to grab Teamspeak and sign up on our forums, but it is WELL worth it. If my PC is on I'm connected to DW somehow =D

    Passionate about gaming? JOIN US!

    Anyways... enough shameless bumpage. Join already.

    If you don't join I look forward to doing business with you in game.


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