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    Seperate PvP Server ASAP?

    This thread is for players who want a separate server with no safe zones.

    It's not a thread for changing the current server over to no safe zones or for anything else.

    Only post and vote in this thread if you are in favor of having a server with no safe zones as soon as one can be created.

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    Splitting the already small player base is a terrible idea, just suffer through safezones for the first couple months.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Illmaculate View Post
    If removing safe zones means making a separate server then no. Trust me, you don't want what will be a small population playing this game segregated.
    For the purposes of this poll, that's what it means.

    (Edited to add: Notice, you don't see me voting yes.)

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    i agree, xsyon is going to a niche game with a small playerbase no need to seperate the community. The pop may start off as being too much for one server but after the initial rush of launch just as all mmos they will lose players. I don't see this mmo getting enough to support another server very well. Besides hasn't it already been stated the safe zones are only for prelude to build the world first?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Illmaculate View Post
    Troll poll ftw!
    No, it's not. The issue seems muddied by proposed time line changes and will there or won't there be full blown, no safe zone pvp in six months, and we'll quit if there are safe zones for six months and we'll quit if there aren't safe zones for six months and on and on. I thought this thread might simplify things, but nope, guess not.

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    We don't know how big the player base is right now. Seeing Jordi's posts about different servers it seems to be big enough. If there are enough players to populate a separated FFA PvP server then I say go for it. ( I didn't vote since I wouldn't play on that server, just supporting the idea).

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    I do not think you are, would be, separating anyone? Where are you guys getting that information?

    Serious PvPers do not want to play with serious PvErs, and serious PvErs to do want to play with serious PvPers. They are 2 completely different play styles. How is that separation?

    Put it this way, you give us a full blown hard core PvP server, and myself, along with a few other veteran leads playing this game, would have it full in one week. I think you guys seriously fail to grasp the power in that....hordes of PvP'ers (organized guilds/clans) are BEGGING for a good PvP sand box games....and they show up to play if one is delivered. Almost overnight.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Illmaculate View Post
    Dude, you made a poll with one option to choose...
    Yeah, I had the not as clever as I thought it was idea that if you couldn't vote no, you wouldn't come into the thread unless you supported the idea, which is what I also hinted at in my OP. Well, I am sleep deprived at the moment, sorry all. I guess I was out looking for people with BigCountry's answer for the thread. Which is an unreserved, yes, I'll move there, I'll play there, and me and the other people I know will happily fill it up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Illmaculate View Post
    Do you not grasp that some people, like you claim yourself to be, don't like to PVE or craft?
    Most PvP'ers like to PvE and craft, but only if it's driven to PvP - like it should in every "sandbox" game. If you PvE and craft only to stock pile items, what is the point in even playing the game? There has to be war, their has to be strife, there has to be item loss. Without it, no one buys or sells anything because everyone has everything.

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    I believe the poll results are used to determine voters manners.

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