first. OK, my best experience fishing in a game was one of the most simple,
Zelda ocarina of time fishing was exciting and very simple and most of all fun. if the little things in this game like fishing implemented a mini game? sorta say would be great. comparing fish with friends about weight and what not i believe something so simple could make this game more enjoyable, (fishing part at least). and im not saying make this game all about fishing, it would be a nice little feature though.

second. i think a trade commerce need to be implemented sooner rather than later.
for the simple facts, it will cause allot of action in a game in every way. you can starve a city of timber ores and so on, it would start wars to control that area, create crime
and give players more of a purpose in the game. this being said we would need a caravan of sorts to transport good. I am almost sure all of this has been said before but I am getting into deeper points.

3rd with all that being said i think there needs to be player banishing of towns that are not at war. if a player can be banished from a town he would be less likely to steal or trade in a town with out a license if they put something like that in. like owning a business. you get the license its like paying more for taxes or whatever.