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    No More Server Wipes!

    The title is pretty much straight forward! NO MORE WIPES!

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    I would request a delete of this mate, the wipes are to catch bugs and the like, and there has to be at least one more wipe anyways before the game gets going proper.

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    If a wipe is needed to fix bugs & lag, then wipe it is.

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    Let the game get fixed.

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    The amount of roll backs my UO character had, ahh this is nothing

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    Quote Originally Posted by The_Snape View Post
    The title is pretty much straight forward! NO MORE WIPES!
    The game is curently still in bate, headstart starts whenever the server has moved and final wipe is done. this be anounced so hang in there , test some stuff like stats they have a big impact on your character. always good to know stuff..

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    Wipes are necesary for a good release

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    As many wipes as are needed prior to launch.

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    We were told we would get another wipe to test the fixes that have been put in place that were found because of the lag. It seems that there will be another one after that when the server is transfered to the larger server.

    imo - I'll take as many wipes as it needs to have a polished game.

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    No - Those of us that have been playing Beta since weeks or months ago are feeling the game "burnout" effect. 1/4 my tribemates have no urge to log on anymore since they know there is an impending server wipe. Now another? I for one will not be logging on in the days leading up to the final wipe so I at least have interest on launch day. Slaying the lagmonster is fun and all, but gets you nowhere fast. Good luck Xsyonians


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