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    This is a Semi-Native RPG

    For hundred's of years the Native Americans DID NOT engage in bloody warfare as a norm. Sure they would steal from each other on occasion. Most of the time 'Counting Coup' was enough to satisfy everyone. Only when the French introduced Scalping did the downfall of the Native Americans really begin.

    Here we have a game that now seems to cater to the DF and MO crowd in allowing FFA warfare. To make it easier for the PK/Pvp'ers to run amok single homesteads were created. Not it appears even those safety's will be removed.

    According to the Lore something destroyed the world and spirits were pulled from time to repopulate the world. I have a feeling that whoever assembled the spirit's will be very angry when they see packs of rabid dogs running around creating hate and discontent.

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    Either way can't believe everything you read on the internet.

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    That's why I never goto places like Answers dot com - I READ HISTORY BOOKS. I research Family Histories as a hobby. If you can google for an answer, then the answer is really useless.

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    Indians can't really be lumped into such a broad category. There were many, many nations. There was war, trade hubs, and every other type of competition. The thing that kept most of them from the large scale killing was the fact that they didn't have the destructive technologies that the rest of the world had. Even with that, u have the Aztecs, incas, even the Anasazi in north America were no strangers to war.

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    In the end real life is also FFA PVP. You form a guild ( group,gang,country--a bunch of people) and defend your interest....end of story.Darkfall and MO are all the same you live with your guild or form alliances and defend from the rest .....okay if you never were part of the political game and you never came out of starter cities you are not able to know

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    I was never interested in pvp nor pvp games. I have seen too much killing in REAL LIFE.

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    OP's basic point is solid. The fact is, there were many small nations here, instead of huge nation states/empires like in Europe and China, India, and parts of Africa, and like the Maya. North America was tribal prior to European invasion, and Xsyon is tribal. But games like Darkfall are closer to feudal.

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    So whereas DF and MO and now ER are basically about going around pvp'ing everything you see, with little in the way of PvE.. is Xsyon going to be more along the lines of living in a virtual world, doing your thing, and sometimes you might have to pvp, or is it also going to be a deathmatch arena?

    What's the popular verdict on that?

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    I think its important for everyone to understand that if he implements all the basic rules of darkfall he should expect the same result as darkfall. some might consider that good others consider it bad but to assume the same rule set but with different results is not insanity, its stupdity.

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