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    Combat After Reviving from Being a Ghost

    A player shouldn't be able to immediately start fighting after reappearing from being a ghost. There should be a short cool down before they are able to enter combat mode. Too often, player will die and just stay close to the enemy as a ghost. Then they can get a couple free hits in once they reappear.

    I'm fairly certain that this wasn't intended when the ghost system was implemented, as its main purpose was to reduce corpse camping, but players shouldn't be able to use the ghost mechanism as a quasi "cloak/stealth" mechanic to get the first hit.

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    and now with "Special" weapons bound to toon, you cant even dissarm them after killing them.

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    Yes this is a hudge problem right now , yesterday i and my firend started a fight with 3 people , we needed to kill them over 15 times after initial encounter, all because they were so persistent to get back their stuff ( that was almost useless anyway ,but we just wanted them running naked after couple minutes of fight as they wouldnt surrender and just go back to their village ) and after like a half hour of fighting and running , they always waited to spawn in a moment when we re most vulnerable :P, they ganked my friend and killed him 3 vs 1 as i was already standing couple meters below and couldnt help him but thats ok ,way of the jungle really We had so much fun the pvp here is really great now , takes a lot of skill to play even in this state when theres random hudge lag , big latency (Eu) and imbalances, the game has a refteshing look over pvp for me ( former Wurm Wild server player), but i know it will take a lot of time to sort it out properly good Jooky is hiring a new programmer dedicated to make this even better . But cutting the small talk :

    i didnt tell that whole story about my pvp encounter to brag about it , i wanted to show it as an example how the ghost system and pre-order-weapons can make pvp meaningless in some sort .If someone is dedicated enough he will run after you in ghost form and spawn at your back every now and then to get some free hits and try to kill you and loot you for their stuff and yours too so in if the system like this if you fight someone even in your own defense the person who dies first wins as he can hunt you in ghost form and you will need to kill him many times and make yourself a "Red" because of that and when he kills you you will be teleported to your tribe (note THIS WAS TESTED by me yesterday and its true ).After that he can loot you all he wants and go away with it as you can be teleported couple miles or even more if you were traveling

    so in imho the solution would be :
    -make the weapons for preorder wear off really fast and decay as they cant be in-game more than the coulpe weeks ( pvp overpower due to non-drop nature in conjuction with hight damage )and the weaponcrafter wont be so needed most of the time if the weapons dont decay soon enough as thos pre-order are one of the best weapons i have seen in game to-date ( i havent seen many weapos that can hit you for 50-60% HP while wearing a partial leather armour and having 80 fortitude but i didnt weaponcraft alot after the re-balance of crafting and fighting )

    -make respawning 3 times longer at least + a cooldown on combat activation as suggested above when reviving

    so thats it , sorry for a wall of text , many long sentences and possibly some bad grammar , i m still trying to practice my english skills

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