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    /unstuck. All your bases are belong to us.

    It teleports you past pits and through walls.

    This seems problematic to me. It'd make defending a fort a tad more challenging, for instance :P

    Maybe it should take you back to your totem or something?

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    And magic has entered the game! Teleport spells active!

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    +1 that "unstuck" is exploitable. However giving you a free teleport home is also exploitable. Can it be engineered to not allow you to pass through barriers? Perhaps it might be enough to teleport you five meters straight up, not straight forward? It appears getting stuck in terrain usually involves getting your avatar trapped "under" terrain features.

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    not passing through solid objects is the sensible option, i used it the other day for a geniune reason and i ended up inside a cliff face.

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    both times I've been stuck have been in natural holes that moving me straight up would have just dumped me right back into the hole.

    Maybe it could TP you to a close by random location that is not occupied?

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    Can you only terraform/build on your clan area? Unstuck should telelport you in unclaimed land (nearby)

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    Not a problem unless it doesn't get fixed until after prelude.

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    In most other games where such solution is needed (pretty much any game that has no hearthstone equivalent), unstuck teleports the user to his home area or to some completely random spot that isn't hostile.

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    "most other games" have Fast Travel and other magic teleports, this game is both unique and neato that it doesn't.

    I don't know what it does now, but if it ported you randomly in a random direction and has a cooldown, that would limit it's use as a infiltration or annoying combat tactic.

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