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    Dying and respawn location

    I think it is a bit dumb to be able to be resurrected at the same place you died, or follow your enemy as a ghost only to respawn behind them.

    The Developers need to add it so that you respawn at in your homestead,tribal area, or starting area if you have not joined one of those yet.

    My suggestion.

    Later on in game when tribal conquest becomes a factor players should be able to craft dream catchers which allow the dead to spawn at the tribal areas with one in there. If a dream catcher is not made at the location then they will spawn at a graveyard or something to that sort.

    However those who have high religion should only be able to craft this item and it should require some kind of sacrifice per usage so tribal conquest is not just dying and re engaging the enemy.

    Perhaps dream catchers can play other roles in the game as well.

    -Also thinking about it a bit more. There should be a bit of a penalty to dying when you resurrection whether it be negative stats or redeeming quality to the Gods. The better the Dream catcher the less harsh the penalty would be.

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    Cool suggestion!

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    Yeah, this needs adressing ASAP. It's griefable to extreeme levels, specially so with unarmed or preorder special weapons. Basically people can go out naked and simply stalk person down since eventually one starts respawning with more health than the victim.

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