Just thought I would post about a few of the things that i would like to see implemented into the game. (sorry if these have already been mentioned I looked back over several pages and couldn't see them)

1st. Crafting window overhaul:
-The first thing I would really like here is a scroll bar (or mouse scrolling),(actually scrolling for any window chat included) once you start to get a few recipes it is really annoying to have to click the down arrow so many times. I only have about 40 recipes at the moment and it is frustrating getting to the bottom. I can only imagine what it will be like when I have over 100.
- This game is centered around crafting so why make finding the recipes you want difficult. I believe there needs to be some way of sorting your recipes, so at least all of the hammers are under each other and all of the screwdrivers are under each other. Rather than when someone asks if you have something having to scroll up and down to fins which is the best one you can make.

2nd. Better crafting animations. I go to all this effort to get materials I then click on the required materials and then I magically rub my hands together in front of me and an item is made. I would really like to see a little more realism to my crafting it is the main focus of the game after all. I think crafting tables should be required for many things, these can just start of as a plain wooden table or a stone table to start with crafted by our woodcrafters or stonecrafters. Then at higher levels better tables can be made with more features which speed up crafting a little. This way you can place your tools on the table that you will need for your current crafting session (say in tool slots - the higher level the crafting table the more tool slots there are) and they will be there for use until you leave the table. This way you would not have to click on your tools everytime you craft the same items 20 times in a row. You would only need to click on the materials to place them in the material slot on the table each time.
I really shouldn't be able to craft good items in the middle of no where. I would be all for crafting taking longer if it felt like I was achieving and doing something useful rather than rubbing my hands together (as the current animation is) and creating an item.
My favourite crating in a game was vanguard as it really felt like you were making the item it took a while to make but when you made it in the end it was satisfying. (yes I know Vanguard got really grindy at the higher levels) But I made about 150 stone punches to level my tool crafting coz it took about 2 seconds each. Other may disagree but it should take longer to craft and the animations should look like I am actually making the item I selected and using the tools that it said I needed. To counter the longer time to craft the chance of getting a skill up could be reduced a little.

3rd: Better chat windows. I would like to be able to seperate chat or have the ability to turn it off (I know global will be turned off soon) and also the ability to resize the window. Id also like the ability to know when tribe members are online a simple green in the tribe window when they are on and grey when they aren't.

Theses are a few of my main suggestions. I do like this game and can see all the potential that it has. I hope my suggestions are useful.