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Thread: Wipe questions

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    Wipe questions

    I've looked around and cant seem to find a definite answer, its hazy at best.

    Is this the (re)pre-launch wipe as in the final one? or is it just a wipe to clean the DB issues, and testing before the final true wipe?
    anyone have a clarification on it?

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    No, it is not the final wipe.

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    A quick heads up for today. I do plan an intermediate wipe with the next update tonight or tomorrow to make sure that improvements we've made are working 100% with a clean slate. We will also test this week with some forced server 'crashes'. I will announce these in game before I do it.
    I can only assume that an intermediate wipe means that there will be another one, I'm sure it will be when the game files are moved to the new server.

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    Yeah,I also assumed that because he announced a final wipe, then an intermediate wipe, that the final wipe will be when the new server arrives, while the intermediate is to test out issues.

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    i'msure xsyon will say when the wipe is final, this one should the intermediate wipe and then they will force server instability to see if their fixes works for the db issues.

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    thanks, just didn't want to assume it wasn't..and spend a few days playing with different test combination to find one I find out "oh you've wasted the last 5 days when you should have started..we aren't wiping again"

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    Always best to make sure, eh?

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