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Thread: FPS and etc.

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    FPS and etc.

    I have a question for you all. Before I buy the game, I would like to know what type of FPS I would see with my system. I feel like having the smoothest possible gameplay will definitely help out my experience in the game.

    My system is as follows:

    Intel Core 2 Duo CPU T6400 @ 2.00 GHz (x2)
    ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4570
    6 GB RAM
    TOSHIBA MK3255GSX ATA HD with 320 GB storage space

    If I could get an opinion on this I would greatly appreciate it.


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    I have a Core 2 Duo 2.8
    Ati 5770
    4gb ram
    And a 250gb harddrive.

    In raw power my system is a little better then yours and i run everyting but shadows on the highest settings. ( shadows is on high instead of highest.)

    when i turn on the highest settings for shadow my fps drops quite a bit ( i dont run fraps so cant see how much but i cen see it)

    So for your system I would say if you put everyting on medium you will be able to run the game perfectly, you probaly can raise a lot to high but have to play whit it a bit.
    the game graphics are not super high (relative to other games ) but the world does look good even stunning at times and the game play makes up for the lack of fancy graphics

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    Thanks a bunch! I appreciate it.

    Hopefully after a couple of weeks I'll have the game!

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    Shadows can potentially increase the amount of pixels being generated on screen by 30-50%. Therefore, any signs of low frame rates can be resolved by lowing the shadows, or turning them off completely. I have them off, simply because i've done it with most games so im used to it now, i see no point to them, only more pixels for your card to deal with, whereas i'd rather have a larger viewing distance of terain and grass and trees lol.

    but thats just my opinion, everyones different.

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