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    Hello from Phoenix, AZ

    Hello everyone. Been keeping an eye on the game for about the past year and finally decided along with my brother to pick up Xsyon after growing bored with our most recent games.

    A little info about my brother (AngelOfDeath/AoD/BlueDeathAngel)and I:

    I began really getting into online gaming back on several FPS games such as Rainbow Six, Ghost Recon, Battlefield, BlackHawk Down, Area 51, and a couple of others. The first of those was Rainbow Six, where i became the founder & leader (along with 2 hand picked co-leaders) of the .god. clan which for approx 3 1/2 years was one of the top clans (in some cases THE top clan holding the best win/loss records) across all of those games and i personally still hold several Top 5-10 ranks in some of those games for things like kills, wins, etc. During that time I also became a Referee, Admin, and major community member on aka Major League Gaming, the largest competetive gaming & tournament companies in the country, as well as one of their old competitors

    I was not heavily into MMORPGs for my first few years, just dabbled here and there, but after the .god. clan's eventual seperation through boredom, changing of games, etc I became mor einvolved in MMORPGs and that is just about all i play now. I have played approx. 60 different MMOs ranging from themeparks to sandboxes, pvp centric to pve centric, adult to children themed, mainstream to indie.

    Both my brother and I have been leaders, officers, and members of several great guilds across several of those games as well as Race Leader & Consul in RFO which was our main game for a couple of years.

    My brother is also the former long time leader of Flames of Freedom, once the richest & most powerful guild on CoX - Freedom server.

    We are both very strategic & tactical players who enjoy fighting against the odds and using our superior skills & knowledge to take on much larger groups of enemies by ourselves as we have done consistently in games such as WAR and RFO. He is usually the upfront in your face melee fighter who charges into the enemy force while i usually rely on range and mobility to outsmart & outmanuever the force he is keeping focused on him. Either way, we're never far from the front lines of battle, no matter the odds. Our love for PvP, our relentlessness in bringing down enemy guilds/factions, our leadership, and our teamwork & meshing of playstyles has always tended to give us a reputation that causes most enemies to either run for their lives, or if they cant run then they make sure to keep us as their highest priority targets if they want a chance to win.

    We look forward to bringing some great PvP experiences to the game and hope there are plenty of others out there like us so we can have lots of fun. Xsyon looks to be a very promising game for too many reasons to list, and we look forward to exploring & discovering all that the world of Xsyon has to offer as it grows.

    See you all on the battlefield.

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    Hey, I live in the Phoenix area too.
    Welcome to the game.

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    cool i live in phoenix too, maybe the 4 of us should LAN Xsyon

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