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    All Roads Lead to Wessex

    The following is taken from the welcome page of the Duchy of Wessex website at

    Duchy of Wessex
    Active Members: 50+
    Apply For Membership: Here
    Guild Age: 12 Years, Since -99. So We're Here To Stay.
    Role Play: "Practical Roleplay", Anything Else is Totally Optional.
    Games we play: Darkfall, Mortal Online, Perpetuum, Xsyon

    We provide our members with a completely immersive and wholly unique gaming experience that sets us apart from the high fantasy and low quality guilds that swarm games such as Mortal Online and Darkfall. The Duchy of Wessex is based on a working medieval feudal government that is grounded in realism and based on historical facts. We've done this not only to impart a technical organization and efficiency that will give us an advantage in the world of Xsyon, but also to provide our members with the opportunity to be part of something greater.

    With the fully developed institutions of the duchy government in place, our members are able to explore and pursue careers in various avenues of medieval kingdom life; we hope that being a part of the Duchy of Wessex is like stepping into your favourite medieval film, novel or game. When war happens, it will feel like a war between societies, not just a really intense rugby match.

    One special focus of this guild is on accurate and detailed administration, so we would really like to appeal to and attract members who are capable of filling out some of these roles. That means we are looking for the absolute best diplomats, heralds, ministers, information brokers, traders, and soldiers.

    The duchy's structure consists of the duke and his council and there are plenty of opportunities for advancement within our feudal structure. Rather than using a typical and arbitrary hierarchy, where you advance from the lowest to highest rank based on time in or popularity, and the ranking only designated your "precedence" in the clan, we use a social system that identifies your role within the Duchy. For instance, if you enjoy designing forum signatures, taking part in diplomacy or performing ceremonies then you may pursue the art of the herald. If you display valour and resourcefulness on the field of battle it's possible that you may be granted arms and a knighthood.

    The Duchy of Wessex's Military:
    Our core military structure emphasizes discipline and team strength, with regular training of members to ensure efficient, precise and deadly combat tactics.

    Military Chart:
    Naval positions are dormant until there is a need for them.

    A Grand Scheme of His Grace's Military.

    The Church of Soldeus:

    The Church of Soldeus is based primarily on the duality between good and evil and the war that rages between them. It is a structured religion that takes the protection of its followers and the spreading of its teachings very seriously. Its role within the games we play, a PvP orientated game, draws its inspiration from the time of the Crusades.

    It is in the salvation of man that the Church plays its greatest role in service to Soldeus. To the faithful children of our Father we offer guidance and protection; teaching them the Word of Soldeus and leading them in prayer and contemplation. To those who have fallen from grace we offer redemption and will walk alongside them down the path of repentance and into the loving embrace of our Radiant Lord. Those who have turned from our Heavenly Father, those who have rejected his teachings and those who refuse to repent, must be swiftly separated and judged.

    Soldeus, the Sun God, is a solar deity and he forms the centre of worship and the philosophies of the Church.

    Soldeus and his Church

    Role-play in the Duchy of Wessex:

    Everything in Wessex is set up to be contiguous with the game world (PVP, scenery, resource management, et cetera) and our approach to roleplaying is no different. For us roleplaying is not something that is done outside of Darkfall, nor is it scripted events that take place between playing the “real” game. Practical roleplaying is about playing the game from the perspective of the role you hold within the Duchy.

    Our titles convey real and useful information and you can roleplay by doing nothing more than carrying out your role within feudal society. Doing your duty, as a soldier of the ducal garrison, and protecting a damsel in distress from a pack of wolves, is role playing as you are acting as a soldier.
    We expect to have far more fun with the real dramatic situations that come from roleplaying a kingdom in battle, and doing it well, with all of its weaknesses being treated as real weaknesses, and all of its strengths as real strengths.

    Url's of interest:
    Soldeus and his Church

    If you have any questions feel free to come and investigate this medieval recreation clan yourself at or contact one of the following persons;

    General information:
    Rhygar apGwynn (Chancellor):
    Raize Sothenic (Exchequer):
    Malachi Drake (Bishop):
    Bastor Sharpeye (Constable):

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    Forsaken welcomes Wessex; maybe both our tribe prosper !

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    All roads lead to Wessex, including a 2 page Spam thread on the Tribal Discussion forum apparently.

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    What the... what has a medieval kingdom to do with an Apocalyptic game as Xsyon.
    Please go take this to a medieval game or change like The silver sun did.
    Because this is just ridiculous.
    (I am sorry if I may sound harsh or something)

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    Welcome Wessex, nice to see you here!

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    Wessex is a Feudally structured tribe with a proven design not restricted to the medieval age. We are a well organised empire building tribe in need of crafters, gatherers, hunters, builders, and warriors. We also offer a variety of additional interests to those seeking a more role oriented position in both our religion and our society.

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    Does Manus still play with Wessex?

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    Welcome Wessex, your guild sounds like a very interesting place for role-players.

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    Thank you for the welcome, His Grace the Duke Has been seen in games from time to time though I don't believe hes currently active in any at the moment. However hes still very reachable if hes needed.

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    Ah, good to know we have this up. Always looking for new members, and don't be frightened, it's "Practical Roleplay" as explained above.

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