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    [B]The Cult of Sol Invictus[/B]:
    [URL=""]The Cosmogenesis:[/URL]
    [URL=""]The Blasphemy:[/URL]

    [B]Church of Soldeus; Dogma and Lore[/B]:
    [URL=""]The Beginning:[/URL]
    [URL=""]Of Lucius:[/URL]
    [URL=""]Conscience and the Inner Spark:[/URL]
    [URL=""]Sin and Virtue:[/URL]
    [URL=""]Works of Mercy:[/URL]
    [URL=""]The Obligations:[/URL]
    [URL=""]The Importance of Prayer:[/URL]
    [URL=""]Of Salvation:[/URL]



    The solar deity Soldeus has been created, alongside two religions that worship him. They are the Cult of Sol Invictus and the Church of Soldeus. Anyone with an interest in the Latin language (or an addiction to google) may have noticed that Soldeus can be translated into ‘Sun God’ or ‘God of the Sun’. It is He that both of these religions worship.

    The Cult of Sol Invictus believes that Soldeus rules both life and death, gives rise to them both, and that disharmony is an affect of going against the operation of the sun and the wheel of life. Only the first few chapters deal with the Cult as it is relatively unstructured and has only a few core principles.

    The Church of Soldeus is based primarily on the duality between good and evil and the war that rages between them. It is a structured religion that takes the protection of its followers and the spreading of its teachings very seriously. The Church of Soldeus is modular in that it does not expect all its followers to know the ins and outs of the religion and different expectations are placed on different members. For a normal person to worship Soldeus it is enough to know his name, that he is the source of all good things and that the Church is there to protect them. A Priest, however, would be expected to know all the ins and outs of the religion.

    By posting the religions here I am making an open invitation for people to join in the worship of Soldeus; either through the Cult of Sol Invictus or the Church of Soldeus. You could even make your own religion that focuses on Soldeus.

    The Cult of Sol Invictus has no central organisation and so it is enough for an individual or a clan to just secretly or openly follow the religion and decide on which parts of the religion they wish to believe and which practices to honour.

    An Individual may decide to follow the teachings of the Church of Soldeus and think nothing of it ever again. But those who wish to join the ranks of the Clergy either as a crusading Knight, preaching Priest or travelling Friar must have their appointments approved by the Eccumenical Council; the central ruling body of the Church.

    Any Clan that wishes to adopt the Church of Soldeus as its religion will have the opportunity to appoint a “Bishop” to sit on the Ecumenical Council. The Ecumenical Council is a conference of all the Bishops that is convened to discuss and settle matters of Church doctrine and practice.

    [B]It is important to stress that this does not imply any alliance, treaty or agreements between the clans; only that they share a faith. Two Bishops may have such differing views that it actually leads to conflict between their clans.

    Individuals or small groups of friends are more than welcome to join the Cult of Sol Invictus or the Church of Soldeus. There are no strings attached and no requirement to join a specific clan. Just because we believe it is so, does not mean you have to.[/B]

    If you are interested in learning more or joining the Church of Soldeus then please contact me by forum PM or by e-mail:


    For those of you who are interested in Joining the Church of Soldeus, but are without a home, then feel free to check out the Duchy of Wessex



    [B]This fictional religion has been created by a multicultural group of people with various beliefs. It draws on numerous real life religions, some more than others, to help create a functional ecclesiastical society for the game Xsyon. There is no intention by the authors to place judgment on these sources of inspiration or to make any statement on any real world religion.[/B]

    Below you will find the details of the religions presented in a Journal Format and written from the perspective of a Bishop of the Church of Soldeus. I hope you take the time to read it and enjoy.

    In closing:

    [I][B][CENTER]Individuals or small groups of friends are more than welcome to join the Cult of Sol Invictus or the Church of Soldeus. There are no strings attached and no requirement to join a specific clan.


    Should your clan take up the religion; it is important to stress that this does not imply any alliance, treaty or agreements between the clans; only that they share a faith.[/CENTER][/B][/I]

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    [B][I]The twenty-first of September,
    Four hundred and seven years since the resurrection of Lucius,
    Three hundred and forty-nine years since the founding of our Holy Church
    In the ninth year of the reign of His Majesty, King Manus Dei;

    Of the cult of Sol Invictus,

    Even now, three hundred and forty nine years since Lucius made the ultimate sacrifice, there are those who still cling to false ideals and follow the blasphemous teachings of the Cult of Sol Invictus. There are those within the Duchy of Wessex who hold great authority and positions of power and yet they have not the strength of will to break free from the shadows that cloud their minds and corrupt their Inner Sparks.

    Because of the social status and influence of these individuals, the Ecumenical Council has decided that the best course of action is to try and reclaim these lost children of Soldeus and bring them back onto the path of righteousness and holiness.

    In an effort to safeguard my Brothers and Sisters of the faith I have compiled details on this false religion so that they will be able to identify these false teachings.

    To accomplish this task I must give form to the words of these heretics and in doing so I will have sinned.

    [CENTER]Oh Heavenly Father, Radiant Lord,
    Creator and Redeemer of the faithful.
    Forgive me this transgression and grant me Your clemency,
    I ask only for the strength and wisdom to guide Your Children,
    I remain a humble servant of Your Will, upon this earthly realm,
    Until the hour of reckoning, when all Sparks become one.
    As it is written, so shall it be.[/CENTER]

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    [B][I]The twenty-third of September,
    Four hundred and seven years since the resurrection of Lucius,
    Three hundred and forty-nine years since the founding of our Holy Church,
    In the ninth year of the reign of His Majesty, King Manus Dei;[/I][/B]

    Cosmogenesis according to the cult of Sol Invictus,

    Before there was earth or sea or heaven, there existed only Chaos: shapeless, unorganized, lifeless matter. There was opposition in all things: hot conflicted with cold, wet with dry, heavy with light, and hard with soft. The primordial forces of earth, air, fire and water were shapeless, mixed and in constant motion. The interaction of these forces ultimately proved to be unbalanced, and resulted in the arising of a new entity. When the entity opened, it revealed Soldeus; the Unconquerable Sun. He brought order and clarity to the substances.

    Being all alone, He desired for companionship and from the Chaos, He brought forth Nave, and She was the Most Beautiful Goddess: full of joy, broad-bosomed and fair in all things. Soldeus courted the hand of Nave but She, being new and curious, rejected His advances and instead enjoyed sculpting Her own Nature and Substance into mountains and canyons, lakes and rivers and seas, trees and grass and all such things.

    But Soldeus was determined to win Her hand and to end the longing He felt. Of the earth, air, fire and water He created a great white bull, whom He did name Tauric. Tauric was wild, masculine and virile and was the greatest creation of Soldeus, who felt great pride and love for His achievement. Soldeus presented His prize to Nave, to show Her the power that He held.

    Nave spoke to Him and said, “If You can destroy that which You revere most, then I will lay down forevermore and be Yours, for You will have proven Your love for me is greater than all else”. Soldeus followed His heart and reluctantly, turning aside His Face in sorrow, He slit the neck of Tauric. But at the very moment of the death of the bull, a great miracle occurred. The horns of the white bull were metamorphosed into the moon; the cloak of Soldeus was transformed into the vault of the sky, with the shining planets and fixed stars; from the tail of the bull and from his blood sprang the first ears of grain and the grape; finally, from the genitals of the animal ran the holy seed which was received by a chalice.

    Nave was moved by this sacrifice. Honouring Her agreement, She laid Herself down, leaning on one elbow with a knee bent towards the sky. Lost in the heat of Their fiery passion and the frenzy of Their lust, They copulated in the most carnal of ways in the still-warm pool of the bull's blood and seed. This mixture coated and smeared Their naked bodies as all manner of creatures, nature and life began to spill and flop out of Her loins. At the apex of Their Passion the first man and women were carried forth from Her Womb.

    From their loving communion were four sons also born; Ver who was filled with vernal greenery and youthful joy; Aestas, full of life and the most beautiful of all sons; Autumnus, the oldest and most mature son; and Hiems, gloomy and downhearted, always contesting with Aestas. They also had a daughter; Luna, a warrior goddess maiden, who was entrusted with the guardianship of the Moon and upon Mt. Sinei She forged the horns of the bull into a double bladed axe; the Labyr. Lesser-gods also came forth and they were each given a different aspect to govern and nurture and Soldeus ruled over them all as King.

    Above the sky Soldeus created the Heavens and constructed the Pantheon from where He could rule over the skies and watch over Nave. His sons took up their round-dance throughout the year, Luna began her monthly cycle and Soldeus mounted his Chariot and moved across the sky; thus day and night alternated and time was created.

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    [B][I]The twenty-seventh of September,
    Four hundred and seven years since the resurrection of Lucius,
    Three hundred and forty-nine years since the founding of our Holy Church,
    In the ninth year of the reign of His Majesty, King Manus Dei;[/I][/B]

    On the blasphemy of the cult of Sol Invictus:

    This cult claims that they are worshipers of our most Splendid and Radiant Lord, yet they deny the word of our Father and instead spread heretical teachings and take part in barbaric and twisted rituals. Even their most basic practices of worship are offensive and flawed.

    The faithful children of Soldeus celebrate His magnificence and bask in His radiant Light, yet these cultists take themselves into the darkest caves or the deepest dungeons and shroud themselves in shadows.

    By denying the existence of Umbra they have opened their Hearts, Mind and Spark to him. They believe that the terrible lord of the Shade is naught but the horns of a bull and they revere the blood and seed of this beast as sacred. Through the reverence of this beast they must also hold the Moon as sacred and in turn they pay worship to Umbra without even realising it.

    A monument stands in the centre of each of their temples depicting this sacrifice as they believe Soldeus sacrificed the white bull they call Tauric. This false idol is an affront; it appears that they worship this bull and its image more than they do the Radiant Lord himself. They also create double blades axes from bronze to represent the Labyr of Luna and these axes are used in the sacrificing of bulls.

    Queen Mina, who was a member of this cult, took within herself the seed of such a beast and gave birth to the first of the Minotaurs. It has now fallen to the Church of Soldeus to eradicate these dark corrupted creatures that were spawned in mockery of our Heavenly Father’s Name.

    They deny the existence of our saviour and instead they falsely elevate this white bull into a position of holiness. In a time when our people are at the peak of their knowledge and understanding of the world there is a clear sign that Umbra's influence over the faithless is still strong, as who but a fool would believe that it was the essence of a beast that led to the creation of life upon Nave?. Only our Father had the power to create us and it is the Spark of life that He placed within each of us that separates us from beast, bird and fish.

    They worship Soldeus as the god of war, of judgment and as the Keeper of Promises. But they pay no heed to the warnings against Umbra and do not listen to the divinely sent teachings about sin and virtue and the Inner Spark.

    Their lack of true faith and failure to listen to the word of our Heavenly Lord is what condemns them to the eternity of pain and suffering that awaits them when their mortal body fails.

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    [B][I]The third of October,
    Four hundred and seven years since the resurrection of Lucius,
    Three hundred and forty-nine years since the founding of our Holy Church,
    In the ninth year of the reign of His Majesty, King Manus Dei;[/I][/B]

    I have spent too long dwelling on the heretical practices of this small group of cultists and I must now turn my full attention to those faithful children who reside within my Diocese.

    After delivering the lessons on the dangers of faithlessness and righteousness I will now instruct my fellow priests to hold sermons that will reaffirm the faith of our flock.

    I have decided to use my journal as a place to gather and assemble all the information for these sermons as it provides me with the perfect opportunity to have all of Soldeus’s greatest lessons in one place.

    First I will recount the true tale of creationism and the fate of Lucius. I will then focus on the teachings of the Inner Spark, of Sin and Virtue and the seven corporal and spiritual works of mercy, of love and obligation, of the value of prayer and of the role of the Church in the eternal salvation of man.

    [CENTER]Oh Heavenly Father, Radiant Lord,
    Eternal is Your Flame, Sacred is Your Word.
    Where there is darkness, Your Light will shine through;
    Where there is despair, Your Love will bring Hope;
    Where there is doubt, Your Lessons will rekindle faith;
    Until the hour of reckoning, when all Sparks become one.
    As it is written, so shall it be.[/CENTER]

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    [B][I]The fifth of October,
    Four hundred and seven years since the resurrection of Lucius,
    Three hundred and forty-nine years since the founding of our Holy Church,
    In the ninth year of the reign of His Majesty, King Manus Dei;[/I][/B]

    In the Beginning;

    [B]The Longing [/B]
    [B][I]The First Difference[/I][/B]
    In the beginning there was only chaos, an endless Abyss. It was not light or dark, hot or cold, It did not rise or sink, for there was nothing apart from anything else, but instead all was one, and that one was everything, and as nothing, for there was no difference in place or time. But the nothing could not remain nothing. All that might be or that never would be formed and unformed without any eyes to see, without any extent, and without any duration. From this ceaseless unceasing and then ceasing again, a longing was born, and the longing stirred the chaos, and what was light moved away from all else, and became the first difference: different from what moved together and sank to itself. Thus there was up, and there was down, and the very lightest of things, the highest up, came to be the Heavens over all.

    [B]The Brothers[/B]
    [B][I]The Second Difference[/I][/B]
    From the Heavens two brothers were born. Though they had neither mother nor father, they were kin to each other; though they were kin to each other, they were very different, and that was the second difference there ever was.

    One was born with a cruel heart and a desire for malice: Umbra. The lesser brother; skulking; sneaking. He was untouched, though his Brother would have embraced him; he was also unknown, though his Brother would have liked to know and to cherish him. He was darkness, and he was where and what his Brother was not. His heart and hands were cold, and knew without being taught how to break and mar things.

    The other was born with a desire to do good: Soldeus. Radiant; shining; glorious. He was the greater of the two, and He beheld all things. He, too, was what His brother was not. His desire was to touch all things, and to protect and to cherish them, and so His Hands and Heart formed, and were warm, and had the power to create and to mend.

    For countless ages the two brothers lived in the heavens, always one where the other was not, growing further apart in their hearts and longings.

    [B]Nave [/B]
    [B][I]The Third Difference[/I][/B]
    One day the third of all differences appeared, in the form of the Most Beautiful Goddess: Nave, full of joy, broad-bosomed and fair in all things. Though small and new, She enjoyed sculpting Her own Nature and Substance into mountains and canyons, lakes and rivers and seas, trees and grass and all such things. Upon Herself in the sight of the Gods She practiced her art, expressing many of the forms that before had only gone unseen in the Abyss. The brothers were each aroused by a similar desire, to do to Her the very same as She did to herself, and they competed for Her Hand.

    [B]Pride & Perversion; Fear & Loathing; Lust & Contempt[/B]
    Umbra, whose heart was cold, pridefully displayed to Her his ideas, which he considered superior to Hers. His dark and demented creations-- and his perversions of Her ideas, as She brought them forth-- he paraded in front of Her, enjoying Her repulsion and, most of all, Her fear, which was the first in all the universe. He looked forward to having power over Her against her will, to having possession of Her, and perhaps more than anything to hiding Her from his brother forever.

    [B]Appreciation & Generosity; Art & Music; Joy & Love[/B]
    Soldeus, showing Her appreciation and warmth, humbly offered Her great wonders, great pieces of art and music and other things too splendid to tell, for Her enjoyment as well as His own; and, His own power in the service of Her desires; thus, He fairly won her Heart, and They announced Their love to Umbra.

    [B]Fury & Jealousy; Envy & Hatred; Theft & Murder[/B]
    Umbra, bested and scorned, then created the saddest difference in all the Universe: he changed life into death. He slew Nave in a fit of jealous rage and cast her body out of the Heavens. Thus, he marred himself forever, beyond any power to mend.

    [B]Grief & Mourning; Loneliness & Sorrow[/B]
    Soldeus was overcome with grief, but still loving His brother left the Heavens in exile, being unable to face him.

    [B]Mockery & Desecration; Corruption & Shadow[/B]
    Umbra, in his bitterness and hatred, made a mockery of Nave’s fallen body. Upon her corpse he sculptured and twisted dark forms of life and surrounded Nave in an encasing Shadow. He continued to desecrate and corrupt the beauty of Nave.

    [B]Forgiveness & Righteous Wrath; Crime & Punishment[/B]
    Time passed and Soldeus missed His home amongst the Heavens. He came to long to forgive His brother. He returned home, only to see the evil desecration His brother had committed, and was filled with great and righteous wrath. Determined to punish Umbra, He attacked His brother who, being cowardly, sent forth his creations as an army against Soldeus. The creatures of Umbra could not stand against the blazing Light of Soldeus, Who slew foe after foe. After He had thus defeated thousands of His enemies, His dark brother leapt forth from the Shade and gravely wounded Soldeus.

    [B]War & Victory; The Stars & The Seventh Day; Mercy & Banishment[/B]
    Both brothers now turned upon each other and the very Heavens shook from their fury. They did battle for six days and, as they fought and tore at each other, the sky became filled with glistening stars amid darkness-- their blood and flesh, gleaming or lightless, scattering throughout and painting the Void. On the seventh day Soldeus was victorious. Moved by mercy, He was unable to slay His brother, and instead threw him down, banishing him from His sight forevermore.

    [B]Hope & Healing[/B]
    Soldeus, overcome with sadness, approached the body of Nave; as He did, He saw that the pall of Shadow around her dissipated before His radiant Light and that wherever He shone upon Her flesh the evil work of His brother came undone. The nature that She had sculpted out of love was healed, and the Great One knew a measure of Content.

    [B]Nurture & Night[/B]
    Soldeus would now come every day and gaze upon His fallen love,
    looking at her from head to toe to nourish and nurture what She had created with His radiant Light. The wound from the great battle never fully healed, and at times He would have to return to the Heavens to rest. Ever would Umbra skulk in the Shadows and return to Nave to continue his bitter efforts whenever his Brother had left.

    [B]Man & Woman; Mind of Body & Spark of Soul[/B]
    Turning His love for art and creation to the body of Nave, Soldeus
    began to make creatures and animals to live upon its beauty. His greatest creation was that of sentient life; of man and woman, drawn to each other as He and Nave had been, in each of whom He created a Spark of His radiant Light, to warm and illuminate them from within.

    [B]Deception & Temptation; False Promises & The Pain of the Good God[/B]
    Umbra, spying from the Shadows, saw how much Soldeus loved His creations and set about to corrupt them. Consulting and mirroring his own foul heart, and using subterfuge, he corrupted a man and seduced him into killing his brother with offers of power and false promises of eternal life. Soldeus felt the pain as if it was His own, and knew then that Umbra would continue to haunt the Universe, attacking creation and defiling Nave whenever he was granted a chance.

    [B]The Lesser-Gods; The Pantheon; The Angels & The Prophets[/B]
    Soldeus created lesser-gods and appointed them each to watch over Nave. He constructed the Pantheon where He ruled over the Heavens and Nave as King of the Gods. He created Angels as defenders of His realm and sent forth prophets to offer guidance to Man.

    [B]To Guide & Warn; Splendour & Content, or Ruin & Terror Unending[/B]
    These prophets came to teach the people of Soldeus, to guide them in developing and to warn them about the evil ways of Umbra. But not all heeded these lessons and the corruption of Umbra continued. Those who strayed from the Teachings or broke the righteous law of man would corrupt the Spark within themselves and would not be able to rejoin Soldeus in His Splendour and Content in Heaven when their mortal bodies failed and their substance returned to Nave. Instead, their defiled sparks would be forced to wander the Shadow of the Abyss alongside Umbra, to endure the unending terror he loved to inflict, or to fall in cinders and ruin.

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    [B][I]The ninth of October,
    Four hundred and seven years since the resurrection of Lucius,
    Three hundred and forty-nine years since the founding of our Holy Church,
    In the ninth year of the reign of His Majesty, King Manus Dei;[/I][/B]

    Perhaps the greatest of all of Umbra’s deceptions was that of convincing the Children of Soldeus that he does not exist. One only has to look at the infantile creation story of the Cult of Sol Invictus to witness this deception and see that their followers have been indoctrinated into believing Umbra is little more than the horns of some mere beast. The capacity of people to believe such superstition is beyond me, and he who darkens his heart will verily be consumed by that “beast”; but I digress.

    In His mercy and infinite wisdom, Soldeus created a Man in His own image and sent him down to walk upon Nave. This Man was called Lucius and He, the Son of Soldeus, was sent to deliver us from this evil.

    As He traveled across Nave, He taught man of the Inner Spark and of the eternal battle that has raged between Soldeus and Umbra, and of virtue and sin, and He wielded divine power to create miracles. Wherever He went, He ended all oppression, suffering and disease; He united man in the name of Soldeus and spread knowledge of His teachings.

    His flock grew and He sent forth His disciples to spread the Word of God so that all could walk the path of righteousness. But there were those who were tainted by the darkness of Umbra; their hearts were wrapped in shadow, their Inner Spark was tainted by sin and their minds closed to the teachings of Lucius. One such place was ruled by a corrupted and dark Lord who had been enslaved by the will of the Dark One. He was Lord Drusidias Bane and he ruled the realm of Mordica.

    When the Son of Soldeus came to teach the people of Mordica the Word of God and liberate them from their shackles, Lord Bane had the disciples arrested under the false claim of political crimes. He sent word to Lucius that he we would cause no harm to these political prisoners if he surrendered to his authority and judgment; otherwise he would begin executing the disciples.

    Lucius felt unconditional love for His friends and disciples and did not hesitate in surrendering himself to this cruel and dark lord to protect them. Lord Bane, kept his word and did no harm to the prisoners but he also refused to release them, twisting his own words to his cruel satisfaction. He took the greatest of delight in the prospect of causing harm to Lucius.

    Even after enduring countless weeks of torture and starvation, His will could not be broken; still, every night He prayed for the salvation and redemption of his captors.

    Angered by this at last, Lord Bane ordered the immediate execution of Lucius through fire on pyre, constructed in mockery of the Holy Fire of Soldeus. Many of the denizens of Mordica came to watch and Lord Bane had the grief-stricken disciples brought forth to watch. The raging fire scorched the flesh of Lucius, and the stench of burnt skin and charred bone sickened all who endured it, yet He did not scream out in pain or anguish; instead, He prayed for mercy for His killers.

    Then something miraculous happened: at the moment of His death a great searing light radiated from His body; the very light of Soldeus shone out from that benighted place across all the realm of Nave. When the dazzled eyes of those gathered regained their sight, there was no corpse upon the pyre.

    In this great Sacrifice, the Son of Soldeus gave Himself freely to purify the Inner Spark in each and everyone, so that they might be redeemed and break free from the corruption of Umbra.

    Even Lord Drusidias Bane was overcome with grief for the crimes he had committed and relinquished his rule over Mordica, handing the land back to the people; he joined with the disciples of Lucius, who he had immediately released, in repentance for his actions and swore himself in service to them.

    On the seventh day after the death of Soldeus Incarnate, He returned to his followers and spoke to them. He told them that one day He would return to unite all of man-kind and to usher in an era of peace and harmony in the name of Soldeus. But until that time arrived, He charged them, His disciples, to prepare the people for His return and to teach them the Word of God. He then ascended to the heavens to sit alongside His Father in glory.

    St. Jude, who was the greatest and oldest friend of Lucius, was guided in his dreams by the Radiant Lord to establish the Church for the worship of His Glory. He and the disciples of Lucius went to the Kingdom of Hyperion and constructed the first basilica, and consecrated it; thus was the birth of the Church of Soldeus.

    The Church was organised to spread the teachings of Soldeus, to teach the knowledge of the Inner Spark and of the struggle between Sin and Virtue; to inculcate in men the importance of prayer and repentance; and to set the salvation of man as its highest duty, for each man is born from the Spark of our Holy and Radiant Lord and the corruption or loss of even one Spark is a grief and an affront to Him.

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    [B][I]The fourteenth of October,
    Four hundred and seven years since the resurrection of Lucius,
    Three hundred and forty-nine years since the founding of our Holy Church,
    In the ninth year of the reign of His Majesty, King Manus Dei;[/I][/B]

    [B]Of Conscience and the Inner Spark,[/B]

    Of all the creations of our Heavenly Lord to walk on Nave, only man has an understanding of morality while lesser creatures behave according to their natural characteristics and instincts. Every person is aware that his or her actions are either good or bad, kind or evil, moral or immoral. What allows man an understanding of morality is the gift of conscience. Conscience is born from the Inner Spark that resides in each of the Children of Soldeus.

    Soldeus created each of his Children from a part of his radiant light, an Inner Spark, and as we are a part of him, he is a part of us and the voice of conscience is the very voice of our most Holy God.

    [B]The Nature of Sin[/B]

    A person who does not listen to his conscience but stifles it, suppresses its voice with falseness and the darkness of stubborn sin, is called "unconscionable." His spiritual condition is extremely dangerous and ruinous for the Inner Spark. Sin is a leprosy, an illness and an ulcer which strikes all three of the basic abilities and powers of the Inner Spark of those who deny their Conscience: The Mind, the Heart and the Will.

    Man's mind becomes darkened and inclined toward error. What is even more harmed by sin is man's heart - the centre of his experience of good and evil, as well as feelings of sorrow and joy. We see that when a heart has been bound in the mire of sin it has lost the ability to be pure, spiritual and to possess truly elevated feelings. Instead, it has become inclined toward pleasures of sensuality and earthly attachments. It is tainted with vainglory and often startles one with a complete absence of love. What is harmed most of all, however, is the capability of our will to effect our intentions. Man, in a state of sin, proves to be without strength of will particularly when it is necessary for him to practice true good.

    The main and root source of sin is, of course, Umbra. In struggling with his brother, Umbra struggles with the Children of Soldeus, striving to corrupt and destroy each of them. He does so through the enticements of the world and the flesh, making them stronger and more deceptive, and also by tempting us with sinful suggestions of all kinds. Defiled and corrupted sparks are forced to wander the Shadow of the Abyss alongside Umbra, to endure the unending terror he longs to inflict.

    [B]The Path of Virtue[/B]

    The complete opposite of sin is virtue. Its rudiments are found in every person, as remnants of that natural good which comes with the Inner Spark that was placed into the nature of man by his Creator. When one listens to the voice of one's conscience, one sees that this conscience speaks first of all as a judge - strict and incorruptible, evaluating all one's actions and experiences.

    By walking the path of Virtue a man steels himself against the temptation of sin and nurtures the Inner Spark within him. Therefore, throughout life, one must work at virtue if one does not wish to corrupt one's Inner Spark. In order to be virtuous, however, one must not only do good for others, but work on oneself, struggling with one's insufficiencies and the temptation of sin and following the voice of one's conscience. There can be no pause on this path as a man who stops working on himself will not remain the same as he was, but will inevitably become worse - as a stone which is thrown upwards and stops rising will not remain suspended in the air, but will instead fall downward.

    Since sin is the main enemy and obstacle of virtue, it is evident that one who is striving towards virtue must struggle against Umbra. The struggle with sinful temptations is possible only for one who is vigilant, who listens to the voice of his conscience and who prays to Soldeus for guidance and strength.

    [B]Freedom of Will[/B]

    Man is morally free and is the guide of his own personal will and actions and he alone is responsible for them. His Inner Spark is in his own keeping and every day, through his actions, he will either nurture his Inner Spark and become illuminated, or succumb to temptation and corruption and delve his Inner Spark into eternal darkness.

    A man who is conscionable and lives a life of Virtue will rejoin Soldieus in His Splendour and Content in Heaven when his mortal bodies fails and his substance returns to the body of Nave. Those who are unconscionable and succumb to the corruption and temptation of sin will be forced to wander the Shadow of the Abyss alongside Umbra, to endure the unending terror he loves to inflict, or to fall in cinders and ruin.

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    [B][I]The eighteenth of October,
    Four hundred and seven years since the resurrection of Lucius,
    Three hundred and forty-nine years since the founding of our Holy Church,
    In the ninth year of the reign of His Majesty, King Manus Dei;[/I][/B]

    Of Sin and Virtue,

    [B][I]The Path of Virtue;[/I][/B]

    [B]Mercy:[/B] Even in the face of the most horrific betrayal, Soldeus showed great clemency towards His brother. This act of compassion and kindly forbearance was born from the love that He felt towards Umbra and it is the same unconditional love that He has for each and every one of us, His children. We should treat those who serve us with compassion, those who offend us with benevolence and our enemies with pity and not with malice. Mercy is the greatest of all virtues and all others flow from this unconditional love.

    [B]Reverence:[/B] Soldeus showed deep respect towards Nave and revered Her many wondrous creations. So, too, should we revere the creations and gifts of our Heavenly Father and should not feel contempt towards His and His faithful children’s work.

    [B]Longing:[/B] Nave was fairer than all Goddesses to come after Her, and Soldeus felt a natural and earnest longing towards her. Nevertheless, His intentions towards Her were sincere and respectful, and His love for Her was pure; we must emulate Him, and scorn lust, gluttony and greed.

    [B]Truth:[/B] The Eye of Soldeus sees all and His radiant Light pierces through all lies and deceit. Those who shroud themselves in deception darken their spark and invite the dark and hateful one to tempt them further into shadow. Always in the Word of Soldeus is the truth spoken, and thus do the faithful always act with upright honesty and integrity. We must speak truth always, even in the face of danger and of the powers of the dark.

    [B]Nurture:[/B] Since the forging of the Heavens, Soldeus has come every day to nurture and nourish all of Nave and His creations; for our especial succour, He sent forth His Son, Lucius, to guide and protect us at our time of need. Thus in humble thanksgiving we must tend to the land of Nave, fostering the livestock and harvesting the crops, offering support to our fellow man and guidance to our youth, seeking to protect these from corruption.

    [B]Loyalty:[/B] Soldeus remains ever true and devoted to His love for Nave. As His children, we must remain always faithful to His word and adhere to His teachings. We must also be faithful to our commitments and obligations and be true to our word, lest we act with treachery.

    [B]Courage:[/B] Courage is the form that every virtue takes at its testing point. Man cannot disregard virtue because it is not convenient or because he fears the consequences, and he must act to fulfil his duty with bravery even the face of his greatest terror, just as Lucius did when he sacrificed himself so that man could be freed.

    [B][I]The Shadow of Sin;[/I][/B]

    [B]Malice:[/B] Malice is the unworthy desire to inflict injury, harm, or suffering on another, either because of a hostile impulse or out of deep-seated
    vindictiveness. It was malice that led Umbra to kill Nave when he knew that he could not have possession of Her living Heart, and power over Her. To hold such hatred inside and to give in to its dark impulses is to corrupt one's heart.

    [B]Contempt:[/B] Contempt is the foul opposite of reverence, the object of which is viewed as beneath one's dignity and unworthy of one's notice, respect, or concern. It is in essence the hatred of the Will of the Radiant One, Who would have us share His love for all good things. Perhaps the most sinful manifestation of contempt is desecration; the very crime that Umbra committed on the body of Nave itself. To hold Soldeus, Nave or His creations in contempt will cloud one's mind and bring the contemptuous to darkness.

    [B]Lust:[/B] To lust is to have uncontrolled or illicit desire that is unhallowed by unconditional love, and which contemns without cherishing its object. Always has Umbra lusted after the creations of his Brother, fuelled by envy and greed, and thus he desired to have dominion over Nave. Fulfilled or imagined, such reckless and sinful desire can only lead to the harm of one’s body and to ruination.

    [B]Deceit:[/B] The most dangerous and powerful tool of Umbra is that of
    Deception. He is the master of the art of concealing or distorting the truth for the purpose of misleading the Children of Soldeus, and the propagator of it. To be unfaithful to the Heavenly Father is an act of deceit and those who are false to duty or break their word are on the path to unending darkness.

    [B]Corruption:[/B] Umbra has longed since Creation began to corrupt and defile all that which his Brother has made; to twist it into horrible and wretched forms that satisfy his dark hunger. Now his mind is set on destroying the integrity of the Inner Sparks of all of mankind and corrupting them to his will. To deceive, one must walk the path ahead of the victim and thus a deceiver lives in the darkness, where his Inner Spark may be swallowed up forever.

    [B]Treachery:[/B] The wilful betrayal of trust or fidelity is an act of treachery. No man, god or creature is worth more than his word; woe betide those faithless who are false to their obligations or allegiances. Umbra betrayed his Brother in an act of great treachery when he slew Nave; thus will he also betray those who trust in him for power, to their unending sorrow. Most grievous of all, though, is the pain thus caused to the bright and loving Heart of Soldeus by our rejection; when we adopt the ways of Umbra, we deny that the Light is Our Father.

    [B]Cowardice:[/B] This is great flaw at the Dark Heart of Umbra, who fears more than anything his Brother's enlightening embrace. Those who lack the courage to step into the light and embrace the Word of Soldeus must instead skulk in the Shadows with Umbra where their minds will be clouded, their hearts tainted and their inner spark corrupted. Cowardice is the sin that opens the door to all others.

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    [B][I]The nineteenth of October,
    Four hundred and seven years since the resurrection of Lucius,
    Three hundred and forty-nine years since the founding of our Holy Church,
    In the ninth year of the reign of His Majesty, King Manus Dei;[/I][/B]

    [B]The seven corporal works of Mercy[/B]

    The Church of Soldeus has assembled a list of seven good deeds that are aimed at relieving the bodily distress of our Heavenly Father’s children. These deeds are at the heart of our mendicant orders and they are the foundations upon which the duties of our Friars are based. It goes without saying that these merciful acts are not just the providence of the Church, but of all the faithful children of Soldeus. Those who have done these merciful deeds will reunite with the Radiant Lord and those who have failed to do so will walk alongside Umbra.

    They are,

    [B]The seven spiritual works of Mercy[/B]

    The Church of Soldeus also holds the seven spiritual works of mercy as sacred. St. Jude taught us that the salvation of man is the most important role of the Church and these deeds bring man a step closer to the Radiant Lord. It is from these works that the Priests of our Church base their Holy duties.

    They are,

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