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    Give me the full story with pvp please! devs!

    Can you please explain the whole sandbox system (because to me it feels like sim builder online and not a sandbox)

    sandbox= freedom= which means its down to the players to regulate things within the game and not some virtual restrictions, we make up our own goals with the tools, but the tools currently in this game have big massive chains around them.

    A few things that get in the way....

    If I want to mine a rock, I should be able to mine a rock.....

    guilds should not have virtual restrictions on their members, such as not being able to terraform and build on the land.

    I think it should be down to the leaders to control their members...not the game.

    Like, also, its nice and all building pretty walls but what's the point of them? you got these virtual barriers that keeps people from doing anything anyway, all because of the power of the stick called the totem <-- must be some powerful mystic stick right :O

    Guild warfare? six months? with optional safe zones o.0 <--- what is this bullshit? who in their right mind would ask for extra risk, only the mad ones.

    The thing I like about sandbox is that everyone is under the same terms, and they do with what they have.

    this is not about gankers/pvpers, this is about the virtual restrictions in a game people call a sandbox.

    man this is false least call it sim builder online.

    yeah so you can craft lots of things? hmmm yeah nice and all, its nice to know that there is such a complicated system with so little accessibility, hehe yeah sure you can turn it into many different things, and alll but there is not much uses for it which means its existence is pointless, its just grind in my eyes unless it doesn't have a purpose.

    This game is kinda abit more empty then other sandboxes, like sure its got content but its needless, where's the breeding, where's the farming, where's all the animals, where's the events within this world? its supposed to be after a massive world ending event? sure doesn't like it to me, I like the idea, but the way its implemented is just "blahhh"

    so yeah, I craft, I trade, then I craft more, sounds nice, so what I do with that? build lovely sandcastles and have some guild duels? (thats what the guild warfare system is going to be like right? duel online?)

    ahaha this is already just like darkfall expect, its got content which has no meaning, at least darkfall content was for the pvp (yeck I don't even like darkfall)

    Like the crafting and terraforming is nice, but there isn't much you can do with it, those lovely walls are pointless.

    scrap piles? jeez what a place holder for mining, like you got the scavenging skill right, like it be ok if mining was in as well, but are these humans sub breeds of humanity or something?

    I am not bashing the game for its incomplete feature (well i am kinda) but its not a big thing to me.

    I am more annoyed at the fact this tries to come off as a sandbox know at least learn from wurm online or haven and hearth...

    So yeah, down to my real question for this game? Don't make me waste 4 months of sub to find out that the guild warfare system and the world it self, will still be under some virtual restrictions which is like so not sandboxy.

    I am not sure what this game is trying to be, but all I see is false lies......Like why so secretive about the game? tell me hands down, what you have planned for?

    Like its already got darkfall mindset with the pvp, like the pvp in this game is the ultimate basic form ever known to people....gankers ....I think that's like the only reason you go out of the safe zones with a weapon right?

    Cause its not like they going to harm me in my box right?

    Its pointless and its only hurting the game, that's why there's such a split in the community revolving the pvp within this game, because of its awkward mechanics.

    Just remove the pvp within this game and implement duelings, because at least it serve a purpose and then have some part of the world where's its free for all.

    Like rawr, off the spot I could think of a better mechanic, like you could just have some part of the world, noob island or safe zone, then have the majority of the world contain better resources "just like how dawn tide does it for example"

    crafter/builders/people who don't want such a grave risk, can have their nice houses protected, but then they get the negatives for the less risk, they have to work harder to get the materials where someone willing to take the risk could payout with less work, by venturing into those harsh (world ending) lands.

    so yeah I don't like the fact that its pointless to leave your safe zone, and I don't like the fact that the real reason why you really leave your safe zone is to go gank some innocent person chopping a tree.

    talk about fail mechanics like, why make it so complicated with so little accessibility? its a sandbox man, if you want to cater to all people, then make sure there's pros and cons....

    there should be multiple options for people, but in this game, your held by the virtual restrictions which leaves less freedom.

    so tell me please, what do you have planned in mind for the mechanics of this game and if there's going to be so many virtual restrictions, that it be duel online and gank land.

    Also, people do not like change, that's a fact, and by the sounds of it? six months for a guild warfare system means that alot of people are either going to be pissed off, its a system that's flexible or completely pointless if its restrained to duel online.

    One example is mortal onlines war system, the other side has to accept the war dec, in most cases, a war involves more then one parties and well lets just say, people don't even use the system, but yeck the options there right, that's what a sandbox is about, and the negative about not using it, is that you go red for killing people but you still have the choice, and that's currently what this game is missing, the choice...

    many of the paths this games advertises are pretty much restricted to the extreme.

    so yeah, you piss of one side after giving them the false pretence of safety or you implement a system which is pointless unless both sides agree, which means not much conflict which means politics is restricted which means pvp is lucklaster yet again.

    who am i? i am just that random dude who follows all sandboxes such as gnostaria, darkfall, mo, xsyon, dawntide, earthrise, haven and hearth and wurm online, and that desert sandbox :P

    it would be a nice idea to build a empire in this game (not talking some random fuckfest of gankers) but one with MONEY AND RESOURCES!!!! <-- thats power, not man power :P which is another problem I have, to expand you need more people = people = power in this game, like the idea of a tribe and a guild system is kinda cool, being able to expand in that way, but I think there should also be ways for the smaller dudes to able to gain more power by money and resources which can be implemented by a certain building or a certain action or a certain deed aka like how mo got the keeps, darkfall got the cities, dawntide got the castles...etc.

    sure you can put some restrictions up in a sandbox, like not allowing a party to settle near you with out your permission, but heck, I wish THAT OPTION was ingame, but even then, there should be choice in this game....which there isn't much.

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    edit. not the Blizzard kind. just wow. not WoW.

    edit 2 for color. now if you hate my post you also hate America.

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    Uhm, paragraph long sentences, no paragraphs. That is quite a post right there...

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    Wow, you have been a menber on the forums since aug 2010,and yet you havent read anything about this game.

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    You see the paragraphs if you make the screen smaller...i don't know why all the lines are double spaced when not windowed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrziggz View Post
    I like that your first post is TL;DR. I can see your forum trolling skills are strong and your future here, bright.

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    feel free to explain to me, because all i see is a feature list just like Mortal onlines and we all know how mortal turned out with its feature list, including darkfall 2 which is a failed sandbox because its 2 focused on one feature which makes it pvp arena online.

    right now this game is good for sightseeing and sitting around campfires right


    erm, I Don't the fact that theres so many virtual restrictions on the paths this games advertises and takes away the freedom from players leaving you with so little options.

    and also I would like to know how this guild warfare system is going to be implemented and why such backward mechinics in this game revolving around ganking and safezones and risk vs reward, and freedom in a sandbox where players have choices with their own pros and cons.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Atmos View Post

    edit. not the Blizzard kind. just wow. not WoW.

    edit 2 for color. now if you hate my post you also hate America.

    Not sure which is more hilarious, the OP or your post....

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    maybe you should just ask yourself this "is this game really for me?"

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