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    Xsyon I gotta ask^_^So when is this Patching Done?

    Just wondering and please don' say

    "Soon" or the dreaded "When it is done" ^_^ are we looking at tomorrow, or can I go make a grilled cheese sandwitch or sleep or ?!?! -_-

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    wondering the same thing

    It has been down for several hours. It the patch code for moving to another server?

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    Go to sleep the world will still be there when you wake up, addiction and insomnia go well together with Xsyon

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    Soon"™" of Tasos Flamboyant Darkfall"" of Adventurine"" Circa 2009. All rights reserved.

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    I fuckin knew it I made a Grilled cheese servers come up

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    is the patch 1.49 gb? Mine appears to be redownloading the Zone.xsip file

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