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    Territorial control is decided by who holds tribe flag and as such any attempt to seize another tribe's territory for your own tribe will involve siege warfare. A tribe that wishes to take land, for instance, must overcome several obstacles:

    1. Outlying guard posts in the area, from where guards will patrol the territory and respond to any other guards under attack. These are meant to deter small groups of vandals or bandits rather than hold off a serious attack.

    2. Towers (if built), will fire on any attackers outside the walls. To breach the walls or gates of an area you will need siege machinery, which is expensive and slow to build and will most likely need transport by sea to the territory in question unless you have the time to assemble it on the spot.

    3. The guards and any player defenders inside the walls, who will attempt to stop the attackers from reaching the tribe flag (placeable object inside your territory).

    If the attackers make it past all these obstacles and reach the tribe flag, the flag will be hauled and replaced with the attacking tribe's flag, a 24-hour countdown will start and a warning is sounded to the tribe owning the land. If the 24 hours go by without the land's owners retaking the flag, the land and its buildings and stored wares and resources immediately switches hands and becomes the property of the attacking tribe.

    However, if the owning tribe manages to retake the flag, the 24-hour clock is stopped and a new 12-hour clock is started for the owning tribe. From that point on, each tribe's clock only counts down when they hold the flag, and whichever clock reaches zero first determines the new owner of the land. This means that sieges are affairs that can go on for more than a day in real time, and will usually consist of a prolonged series of battles requiring a huge investment of resources on the attacker's part, discouraging the '2am attack' strategy commonly employed in games that feature territorial conquest.

    What do you guys think?

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    hmm,i wonder if they will have an NFl season next year or will there be a lock out

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    what did you say again?

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    A fun sounding concept that could use some refining. 24 hours to retake the flag sounds quite easy though.

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    No NPC defenders please.

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    to be honest I am playing this game to just build stuff. If I want to seige Ill go play darkfall.

    I know that is kind of a 'why did you bother to post it' reply but I would love to see more people talk about other things other than pvp and seiges, its getting old

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    Ya I wasn't sure if by guards you meant players or NPCs, but I vote against any NPCs in this game at all ever.

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    no npcs ever is pretty narrow minded. with the gods & magic in the story there are alot of options to create an eve type system of semi safety in areas defended by demigods, magic or tech left like skynet. with all the cool shit further out unprotected..

    To be honest if we want this game to move forward we ALL got to give in the some main streaming or subs will bleed away & new people wont want to play.. that is bis 1o1..

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    24 hours is way too long. People need sleep.

    Throw in Darkfall's siege mechanics with a few tweaks and all is well. It allows people to prepare (22 hours) and has a small (but long enough) vulnerability window.

    Guards/towers/siege equipment sound good. Darkfall windows + DAoC siegeplay = Win

    For anyone who wants to cry about Darkfall, all games (good and bad) have viable mechanics to copy.

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