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    Another TL;DR post about PvP

    Fist of all: i like PvP as i like crafting and PvE. I would like Xsyon to be a great sandobox game an not a mutilated one missing elements.

    I think that a game needs solid mechanics to be defined from the start to grow healty and with a long lifespan. That's why i'm following everything on this forum about PvP and tribal warfare.
    Some peole say "we can discuss of those feature later during the prelude"; i don't think so, coz 6-9 months is really a lot of time, people will be used to the prelude mechanics to complain or leave when things change. That can easily kill the game.

    From what i read complains are already a lot both from "carebears" and PvPer. Who want safe tribe zones last forever and who want be able to PvP in towns form the begin. I'm against both, kinda carebear oriented for the prelude stage. But for a correct developement an less "hey i built stuff endless for 6 months, why they are able to bring down my work? I pay as they do" or "hey the game was supposed to be full PvP, why can't i burn this village? I pay as they do" some clarifications are needed soon. About me, i can probably quit the game if we won't be able to war and "destroy" everyone we need to. But i'll be really sad to leave such a game.

    What a meaningful PvP mean for me: have power over a zone. That zone could be my sourroundings, a whole scrap pile or the whole map if i'm powerful enaugh. How can those goals be reached. First i don't have to let you tribe grow stronger than mine, so i have to make you hard to scavenge and gather resources or i can just declare war and destroy your village end expand my influence. Some will see this like griefing, but those who want a dinamic lore don't. Well, obviously i can ally with your tribe, i'm not a mad killer willing for blood, but this is not part of PvP :P

    Now with the suggestion. The issue is all about to let "careberars" and PvPer live in the same map.
    As i and others suggested in other topics (with no success at all ) is to bring in something similar like EVE. Most people told that this system won't work here, but i still can't see why.

    1- Two different zones are needed. An "hardcore" gankfest zone with risk, conseqence, alignment and all that stuff.
    A "soft" zone working as now we play in prelude: open pvp outside of safe tribe zone, secured main totem (can't be sieged).

    2- Scarce resources only available in the "hardcore" area. Normal regrowing of natural resources.
    Safe area is provided only with common resources. Natural resources regrow slower. Lack of significant PvP will cause an overflow of raw materials and then inflaction and bad economy. Once the tribes in "soft" zone are done with massive building and grind the resources surplus will be all available for commerce with outer regions.

    Exemple: bloody tribe A live in the outer area and really hate the near stinky tribe B coz they smell bad. Tribe A is on rage and want to deplete the neighbourhood. Tribe A can't wait a second more and don't want bother to harvest the necessary resources for the ballista of doom. So they send a caravan in the "soft" zone to buy all the cheap wood they can with the rare metal they have in theyr mine. The caravan will be exposed to PvP all the time, the safe tribe get easy rare metal to craft the great armor of blessed protection and sell it to the stinky Tribe B. All tribe B want is to stink and kill people, they can't be bothered in crafting.

    Despite the big issue, i think that this shorth and simple suggestion can provide a peaceful cohabitation.

    So now, let me know why this can't work, i still don't get it :/

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