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    Looking for Oceanic Tribe

    Hey guys as title says.
    Looking for an oceanic tribe (any alignment).

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    Same situation, coming back on a long vacation my previous guild is gone. Would be great to see other oceanic guilds here. Let me know.



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    i'd like to play in a 5 people tribe
    for now it's me and a friend and u 2 that would make 4
    we could start one if u want

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    Im all for having a small group. Can usually organize and manage areas better etc.

    You guys got a forum, vent or other communication option?

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    If you're still looking for a tribe, I welcome you to click on my sig to check out the Audacian Republic. We are a light-med RP guild influenced by Roman culture and structure. We concentrate on PvP, city building, and crafting. We arent strictly Oceanic, but we are worldwide, and we do have Aussie members, including myself. We also have quite a few US players that play quite late, so they overlap our afternoon/evening time. If you wish to know more, drop me a line.

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    xenoclix and tykim I would be interested in starting a small tribe. let me know if you are still keen.

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    we are setting up a forum and vent
    i think we still need one person to make a tribe
    pm me if u are interested

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    If anyone is interested in a small Oceanic tribe we are starting one. Pm tykim38 or me if interested.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sunzK View Post
    Hey guys as title says.
    Looking for an oceanic tribe (any alignment).
    we have people from all timezones.

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