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    Victis Honor ( Good)

    Victis Honor

    Victis Honor is currently recruiting members to swell our ranks and land. We have a location and the first steps to improving our location and fortifications are underway. Victis Honor will purge the lands surrounding our great fort. Any and all who oppose us will be brought to purpose. If your seeking protection, we will provide. Escorts have been assigned to guide new recruits on there voyage to our location.


    1. Secure a strong player-base.
    2. Begin building our city.
    3. Secure trade routes and continue to fortify our position.
    4. Explore the world.
    5. PvP when the time is right.

    What will your place in the tribe be?

    The choice is yours. Victis Honor respects and values ALL of our members voices. Leadership positions are still available to those deemed worthy.


    1. Have vent and be willing to use it.
    2. Help the guild achieve its goals
    3. Enjoy yourself


    Message (/w) Seige, Smittan, or Rek in game for more information.

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    I approve this message.

    I'll send you a pm later to get some of the guys in .... small tribe right?

    Carry on.

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    Morning all,

    Welcome Redemp.

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    Hey you guys this is ButtaRock from The Ascended & we are setting up shop close to you your area, when the game is working again i would love to talk to you guys about an alliance or the likes

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    Going to be out for most of the weekend regrettably, but please send a /w to Smittan/Smitten(however he chooses to spell his name after rollbacks). Would love to get to know more neighbors.

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    Victis Honor is still recruiting for launch, please feel free to speak with any of us in game or on the forums for further information.

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