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    Chat commands not working for me

    Not sure if this is the right forum for "technical support" but for some reason the slash-based chat commands are not working for me. I type /s or /y to switch chat channels and the channel stays the same and a blank line (from me) appears in the chat.

    If i try something like /unstuck, i get "nstuck" in the chat window. Am I missing something obvious? (probably) Anyone else see this issue?


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    /s[space] should work immediately
    /y type a message [push enter] should get it to work

    the unstuck I'm unsure of why that wouldn't work.

    is your keyboard an English QWERTY?

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    Well it was something obvious. Virtus - your response helped. I was just hitting /s[enter] and /y[enter] which does not work. /s[space] and /y[space] both work as expected and /unstuck[enter] is fine as well. maybe i just fat-fingered that one and assumed the slash just wasn't working in general.

    Anyway - thanks! Appreciate the quick response too.

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