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    Damnit I've selected a SPEICAL WEAPON!

    .. uh anyone else?

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    Yes. Bug report submitted.

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    I have it too.

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    Can anyone make a character I wonder?

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    same here...maybe we arent picking a special enough weapon? :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tsumo View Post
    Can anyone make a character I wonder?
    anyone who doesn't have a speical weapon can... obviously! dohh hehehehe

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    Nope, no one can atm it's borked.

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    Cute. On the other hand, tho, I find it curious that there is so little info as to what the special weapons actually DO. It appears a lot of work was put into their creation; at least, the models are very slick and nice-looking. But we have to guess their function from their name and appearance.

    For example, the "Dissector." It looks like a combat knife. From the name, it's either combat-oriented, as in, you use it to "dissect" your enemies, or it is mainly to give your Hunting (i.e., prey-dissecting) skills a boost. I don't need exact stats, but some general description would be nice, sometime before we go live.

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