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    Vote Xsyon at Massively!

    Ok, so this isn't an IN-game event, but I think it is one the whole community should rally around! Let's get Xsyon in the spotlight!

    One of the choices for Choose My Adventure at is Xsyon! This is a great opportunity to give our game more exposure to more gamers. Everyone should go vote for Xsyon and support the game.

    I voted, and I'm crossing my fingers! I want to see it win.

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    Shawn from Massively is playing Xsyon and will probably stream it more in the feature. But I'm with you on this one, would be cool to see CMA Xsyon!

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    /Voted keep that baby going.

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    Make the link a bit more visable..


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    voted: go go starving Ethiopian axe murder mmorpg!

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    Voted.... great job... get this out to the tribes... send your runners to the four winds to spread the word!!

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