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    Should Taming include.....

    Me and a few of my tribe's members have discussed this a few times and I wanted to make a concrete suggestion for it.

    So, everyone knows we'll be able to tame animals. This includes coyotes, wolves, bears, etc etc. What if we were able to set our tamed animals on patrol as "guards"? With this enabled, you should be able to set a "who to attack" option, including things such as alignment (Good/Neutral/Evil), other animals, etc. This would eliminate (at the least, reduce) the need for NPC guards for your city/homestead. I imagine the way it would work would be this (not exact, just a rough idea... gonna just type as my ideas come into my head):

    Go up to your pen of wolves/coyotes. Right click on a tamed coyote and click the Patrol tab. In this window, click "Set patrol route". You would then run where you want your coyotes to patrol and come back to within 5m of where you started. Once you are within 5m of the starting point, you right click the coyote again, go into the patrol window, and hit "Finish Patrol Route" (the game wouldn't let you finish the route unless you were within the 5m zone). Now, they wouldn't follow the exact line of where you ran. Instead, they would realistically follow the line but be able to vary off of it slightly. I would hope you would also be able to set patrol "groups" so that you can have a pack of coyotes patrol together instead of each being independent. Maybe in this patrol window you could have set groups of patrols (be able to name them, i.e. South Gate / North Gate / etc) where you can then add the current selected coyote to the patrol group. Let's say that you already have a 4-coyote pack patrolling your North Gate and you want to add another coyote to the pack. You'd have to go into the patrol window, find the North Gate Patrol group, click "Return To Start" so they wait at the starting location. Then, having the new 5th coyote selected, click something like "Add Selected Animal to Group". The game should not let you add an animal to a group unless you tell it to follow you, you are within 5m of the starting point, and the rest of that group is within 5m of the starting point. Once you click Add To Group, it then joins the group. To set this now 5-coyote pack on patrol, you could go into the patrol window, find that group, and click "Patrol Route". Also, you should have options for free-roaming patrol and stationary patrol. Free-roam patrol mode would tell the animal/group to freely wander around your territory and patrol as normal. Stationary patrol (I guess this would be called Guard Mode or something similar) would essentially have the group/animal stay put and guard a single spot. If they are put on stationary patrol, they shouldn't stand exactly still and should at least walk around a little bit (not too far, obviously) to make it more realistic.

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    I love it, but I thought each person could only tame one pet?

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    Quote Originally Posted by CoolDude1240 View Post
    I love it, but I thought each person could only tame one pet?
    we are going to be able to have multiple pets, what was stated was that if they couldn't get the feature in - that we would at least be able to tame 1 to start.

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    Good, idea and would help with the random nomads would-be trying to encroach on your resources. Only downside is that each tribal area is pretty close together. The ability to set it as a guard unit should require very very high taming so its not abused.

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    I agree with Shaggy 100%, having 1 animal would be pretty cool, like a log carrying mule to help bring the long logs back from further away, however I think it'd be even cooler to be able to tame like 4-5 mules or horses to bring back a whole trees worth of logs.

    Even during the 2 week beta event, it took on average about 10 minutes to bring back a long log because the trees were so far away. T.T

    Also /signed :-p

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    I like the idea of having personal pets as well as "pets" that will patrol your tribe's territories. I'd like to be able to tame a small wolf, name it, and have it be my pet until it lives through the rest of it's days.

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    I'd like to see a dog that you could tell to patrol a set route let alone a bear. I think a simple command to roam the tribal land attacking who you set them to attack sounds better and more realistic.

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    love the idea, but patrol routes sound a little bit over the top.
    Simply having a "guard"-option would be fine with me.

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    i think if they do patrol they must have a handler(possibly npc guard?) that they would follow, but guard options shouldn't require much

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