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Thread: Balance.

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    Okay, just to get things out of the way. I am a PvE'er. I prefer to hunt mobs and do "dungeons" than to gank people, but I respect the PvP'ers playstyle. There needs to be balance for this. It took Eve a little while to figure out how to balance PvE gameplay with PvP gameplay, but now it works really well. The PvP players keep the demand for goods up, and the PvE players supply the goods. There are benefits for being a being a PvE player-- You have a lot less risk of getting PKed, but there are downsides: We mostly spend out time in safe space where we don't have access to all of the resources. That's okay because we can buy those resources that we don't generally go looking for. Now, there are also pros and cons to being a PvP player. As a mostly PvP player you won't have much access to safety, which means you will likely be spending money to replace your stuff that gets destroyed; on the other hand, you have access to valuble resources.

    Now, this game isn't really like that. At least not yet. That's fine, but somethings need to be done to balance the good and evil lifestyles. Right now good players have it too cushion-y. I think it's silly that if an evil player attacks me that I can just keep rezzing over and over near him to kill him. How is that balanced? The evil player might win the "alpha strike" but I will win the battle because he just can't keep me down. It's not very fun.

    The same overall rules should apply to all people. If you die, you can either wait to be rezzed (once that skill is in the game) or you can respawn at your bind point.

    I'm not saying that there shouldn't be any penalties for being an evil character, there should. But they shouldn't be imbalanced.

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    You know shocking enough, I agree with you. However, I also believe Bodies should not disspaer when players revive. It prevents us from looting them, and it can almost be considered a bug.

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    Its not a bug, its working as intended.

    When you die there is a limited time for looting. What's not looted will be on you when you revive
    quoted from Xsyon.

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