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    MToAE Recruitment


    Ya you know it

    If you know it, then you already knew it

    MToAE, nuff said

    We are going to wreck shit from day 1.

    All day PvP, see somebody, you kill them.

    That's how we roll.

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    Re:MToAE Recruitment

    You sound a fun tribe - hope it goes well for you! :cheer:

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    Re:MToAE Recruitment

    I think i just found the guild i want to sub to.

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    Re:MToAE Recruitment

    Don't you have your own tribe?

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    Re:MToAE Recruitment


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    Re:MToAE Recruitment

    We support this tribe

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    Re:MToAE Recruitment

    I dont mind the idea, and hope it goes well for you. But in my experience groups that have no Story, Ideals, or goals other than KILL SHIT! never end to well...

    Still maybe this will be different.

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    Re:MToAE Recruitment

    well we are known as Shenanigans

    its our guild from previous games. we just go in under diff names in diff games.

    We pretty much just like to PvP, that's it.

    If the game doesn't have good PvP then we quickly move on.

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    Re:MToAE Recruitment

    Do you destroy your enemies with copious amounts of seamen?

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