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    Don't Read This

    As saying this type of thing will usually cause people to come barging in, read one line and then say "you suck!" let me say this, i mean it. There is no reason you will want to read this.

    All i am doing here is venting a small amount of frustration, and even if you do come up with something incredibly witty like "if you are getting annoyed with the wipes then stop playing" i won't read it, or respond to it. Which really begs the question, if you are going to read this, then why not come up with something actually witty and not inane, and if you arent going to read this.. why are you still doing so?

    I will start this off as I intend to finish, I love Xsyon, I love the possibilities it has, and I love what it already is... it has enough goey awesomeness for me to ruin my dinner, and keeps me coming back for more.

    So why am I frustrated? Well here lies the crux of the problem. I'm not really.. very much.. I'm just annoyed that I love the game so much I want it to be out now, all the while realising that this is not advisable with the current problems sticking to the game. So those people who advise me to stop playing until the wipe happens can bugger off right about here...

    I love the game, and was really enjoying it... right until the point where the first wipe after the aborted launch happened. And since then people have slowly stopped turning up, my tribe included, leading me to be solo playing, which while fun, only is properly fun when you can keep going for longer than half a day without loosing everything and having to start again. And considering the hell that for solo players is ; trying to trade with possible psychopaths who want to wear your intestines as a hat, or facing the russian roulette that is grinding toolcraft to get the few tools you can actually craft, with the deep set knowledge that sooner or later [sooner] [much sooner] the server will wipe again and you will have to do the whole thing again, and again.

    And i love the idea of helping find bugs, and even though i have already found one, and abandoned responsibility of it [to mihr i think, but hell it coulda been any of them] i still feel a responsibility to help make the game better, even though i paid for it.

    However, these are not reasons i play or dont play this game, the main reason is boredom. I have too much free time at the moment and most games that have come out recently or have come out are crap. So this gem of a game is putting me in a terrible position [grrrr]. Either I alleviate my boredom now and risk annoying myself with a game i love, or stab a spoon into my foot as a preffered alternative to attempting to play a train wreck like Dungeons one more time.

    Now that I have reached the end of a non stop typing rant I put no thought into, I ask myself was it worth it? No? Probably not, but I have to say, i'm in much better shape than anyone who actually made it to the end, because aside from not having a plot it has no proper conclusion.


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    you don't need to be solo- we are always recruiting.

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    I have a tribe, and I have a sneaking suspicion that apache is a large behemoth of a tribe, and i will be submerged in a see of tribemates with suspiciously similar skills as i have, making me redundant and sad.

    No seriously, thanks for the offer, if i was not torn between wondering where my tribe has gone, aside from the one i saw earlier, and making my own tribe which would probably consist of myself and any racoons I dont kill, i would consider your offer

    and odhinn, i hope you didnt read my post, because that was short, poorly thought out and obvious, to lower myself to your level, I see doctors all the times, I just dont recognise them because i don't ask everyone on the street what they do for a living.

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