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    Is this game worth the money for me?

    Hello all,

    I looking for a full loot game with fun and open world since UO and Neocron.

    I found eve online, and it was fun..Looking for something new.

    Darkfall is too much grind, MO is Alpha, Fallen Earth is great but lack of FFA PVP..and so on..

    I heard that there are only 4 PvE types ingame right now? So theres NO pve ??

    Graphics look a little mee to me but then the FPS are ok on a high End machine??

    Is the PvP so boring that its looks in the videos?


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    This is not a pvp centered game.

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    but i can fully loot and be looted, so its nice for open world pvp; save zones are good.

    more questions:

    you skill when you do what you do, thats nice, like UO, but skills get unlearned i read? so i loose my skill progression? thats ... bad or ?

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    They decay if they go unused. So you cant take all skills and not use them.

    And there are safe zones, and pvp is simple so you are warned, and if you are like alot of other Darkfall players who have unreasonable expectations of this game, then dont say i didnt warn you.

    but if you do enjoy other things besides pvp, then ill see you in there and hope you have fun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Garack View Post
    but i can fully loot and be looted, so its nice for open world pvp; save zones are good.

    more questions:

    you skill when you do what you do, thats nice, like UO, but skills get unlearned i read? so i loose my skill progression? thats ... bad or ?
    You can only fully loot if you are an evil player. Even then there is a timer on looting, if the victim has a lot of stuffs on him or carrying more pouches you won't be able to full loot him.

    There are 4 types of animals in game now, will be more (I think 20) by launch.
    FPS is good on a high end machine.
    PvP is exactly as it looks like on the videos (if they are new ones). If you find it boring or not that depends on your taste.

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    thanks for reply...i played MO for a month and That was boring...nothing to do and worst combat ever...besides unplayable bugs.

    Another question: is there really NO Sound in game besides footsteps and some klicks? in the videos i have seen there was no wind, no atmospheric sounds, nothing ...?

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    The game isnt officially [probably] out yet.. personally i prefer they fix the crashes and rollbacks, but if youd prefer to hear birds tweet while you start a new character for the fifteenth time, feel free

    I jest, no not to much sound, but personally, it doesnt bother me too much, and there some interesting sounds for some of the emotes you can play around with.

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    IMO the game is worth the money if you like a sandbox game that isn't centered around FFA PvP but has it. Its not the most polished game in the world, but is somehow addicting. Its actually kind of hard to describe, but it has that something that makes it like crack.

    The PvP is blah at the moment. They just hired another developer to revamp the combat. Mount and Blade style combat has been thrown about, but that is purely rumor and you shouldn't base any decision on it. Base the decision on how the PvP is currently.

    The Crafting is Superb.

    The World Building aspect is Superb.

    The community is first rate.

    The Devs are first rate and are addressing many of the concerns you are mentioning like sounds. However, its like Yami said, they are concentrating on the fixes right now, so the fluff kind of stuff will be put on the back burner until it sorts itself out.

    I would recommend giving it a try.

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    I have only played a few hours today, but already I can tell you it was worth the $40 for the next 2.5 months or so of play for me...

    However there are a few things you should consider,
    First it appears if not everything is fully implemented and probably will not be fully implemented for the next month or two - like ranged weaponry, animal taming (which I assume means mounts), etc
    Secondly the game will be expanding eventually and yet already seems endless to me - I ran around a mountain today for a few hours and honestly think it might take 12+ hours to run the whole map, so while ffa pvp may be available, finding targets randomly like in UO or perhaps darkfall, might not be so easy - depending on your style of play certain aspects of that might be very appeasing to you..

    Anyways, I personally think it's worth the dough if you are a old school hardcore player as myself - The game clearly has an intelligent approach to the genre, and I believe that having to create or think for yourself is actually a somewhat lost art among mmo's.

    Check all the youtube videos for a better idea of gameplay etc., the game is heavily crafting/sandbox play - Honestly I think PVP will mainly occur between tribes with less "pvp in the wild" situations occuring.

    Like I said I have only played a few hours so I may be wrong on somethings, but this is my first impression of the game.

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    Thanks for the reply.

    Crafting is ok and sandboxing is nice, but i like to pve or pvp. Only building is like a singleplayergame to me, i need some competition or at last some pve.

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