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    Current Player base


    I had this game stumble its way onto forums of another game I play, and decided to check it out.

    From a video review that I watched, he said the player base has gone up quite a bit the last couple of weeks.

    Any long-term veterans that can attest to this?

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    Its a logical conclusion based on the lack of anything new in Darkfall and the failboatedness of Earthrise.

    People with taste have no where left to turn!

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    Perosnally, I know that a handful of players have joined thegame in the last week. We look forward to the possibilities the eviloution of this game offers. From the looks of things, the developers and guides are openly communicating with players. These communications include what they are doing, and what the player base would like to be done. So to answer your question, yes the player base is definately growing.

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    Community is growing. I think we are up to 100 logged into the server at once now.

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    There are much more players now then we had last summer, or even during the autumn. The game got a big publicity on in January (thanks for willbonney and Saintbob) , a large amount of players have joined since then.

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    I thought I saw it was ranked #3 on the list.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BigCountry View Post
    Community is growing. I think we are up to 100 logged into the server at once now.
    Nah dude, too low. 110 minimum!

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    a lot of Darkfall players are moving here, tired of the pvp-only game style DF offers

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    During beta I could run around the entire lake ~ 2 hour run and not see a single person- now I can't go 20 feet without seeing someone.

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    Beta max was said to have been 200 in game by a guide before the original pre-release period.

    So it's over 100.

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