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Thread: Starting tools

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    Starting tools

    I'm seeing alot of people saying they shouldn't put soul bound items in the game I agree to an extent. The part I don't agree with is your starter tools that you get those shouldnt be lootable unless traded. I know griefers will still grief but in order for a brand new player to enjoy the game in the beginning you have to let them keep at lest their starter tools once traded they can be looted. Don't know if this is just me that thinks this sounds fair but how would you feel as a new player coming in to the game and bam right off the bat your ganked at the spawn and lose everything, it feels really shitty tbh.

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    Well whats the point of ganking noobs for their tools if I can't even take their tools...

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    How else am I supposed to get a saw?

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    My suggestion to those that would rather gank a noob for their tools is to go flush your head down a toilet.

    or give us a sign that says someone's a noob, could help.

    maybe a dream catcher could tell us.

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