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    cheat: how to obtain all tools on ur character

    Hey devs.
    I guess that most players already know this cheat and some use it. However I wanted to make sure that this is dealt with.
    Since starter tools are not bound to your character, you can make a specialized crafter, log him into game, drop his bag somewhere with permission set to everyone, erase him, make another crafter with different tools. Rinse, untill u cycle all the crafter and voila u have a player with all the starter tools.

    Love the game btw (when its not broken)

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    However the starter tools are of poor quality and will break easily. Thus they will make poor quality tools that aren't of much use.

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    Granted im playing for only one week, but im yet to see any of them breaking. I dont think decay is implemented to game yet

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    Quote Originally Posted by bluenose View Post
    Granted im playing for only one week, but im yet to see any of them breaking. I dont think decay is implemented to game yet
    its not.

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    Well, after the upcoming really-final-this-time wipe, people who do this as solo players will have to make a decision. Go for the tools, or go for a better chance of getting whatever tribe location they scouted out in advance. Even if I was told this was okay to do and not merely tolerated, I'd still rather put priority on where I want to drop a totem. That said, starting as a solo player is a bit of a pain when you don't stash tools and reroll. I have no idea what recipes I'll get, and if I start as a toolmaker there's no telling how long it will be before I can trade for or make the tools required for basketry so I can leave my safe area without taking what I can't replace out with me. It's doable.

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    I'd rather skill up toolcrafting so I can make those tools than re-rolling multiple times.

    If the tools break very fast (few days... I hope not), then those who didn't realize that they'd break might then be worse off without the ability to recraft similar tools.

    The initial push to re-roll seems more powerful than the push not to atm, but I won't be doing it. Someone also noted that there was a trend to get less total crafting recipes the more one re-rolled. That could have been entirely random, but a trend nonetheless.

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    Does beating someone to death with a shovel wear it down?

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    I read somewhere on these forums that someone tried grinding through multiple characters and noticed that every new character they rolled started with fewer recipes. that could just be random, but perhaps that's a bit of code they put in to discourage this kind of tactic.

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    What's the problem with this again?

    I guess one could just camp the starter area and kill other peolpe's toons for starting tools. Would that be better?

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    I think starting tools is currently a dumb limit. I made a character I wanted, and without knowing what tools I'd get, I ended up with 3 different blades. The special blade, a combat knife and some skinners knife or whatever. I didn't even have a fishing pole. Without aid or looting other people, I have no idea how you can get started with that.

    That's why, unless I find another answer, I'm gonna use this exploit after the final wipe. I wanna be able to start doing some practical stuff right away (like cutting down trees and fishing).

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