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    Lightbulb Things like see added if possible in future.

    These are just a few ideas i see that could be great for the future of Xsyon to make it stand out even more than any other mmo. Things wantted but always shot down by the big guys in the industry.

    1.Lock feature for window ui's so don't drag them.
    2.Future pvp skill Siderolling.
    3.Future pvp skill ducking.

    Some features never seen in a mmo that would add a huge twist to mmo history if able to implement to raise physical stats of the character.

    1.exersize Sit-ups and push-ups Used like a emote key
    2.Squats with log on shoulders.
    3.Make rope and jump rope.
    4.sparing tribe members with fist with out being able to kill each other just kncock down.
    5.player made targets for practicing archery,axe,an knife throwing.
    6.Salt found in ground for food recpies and pepper.
    7.ability to kick
    8.Turkeys in game as one of the animals
    9.Feathered headbands like indian chiefs head dress.
    10.Long hair Hair style down back of character
    11.roar emote that increases some adrinaline with a recast delay

    Some are old ones but some are new on this list.

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    these are some great ideas, I like the Roar emote idea..

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