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Thread: Hi from the UK

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    Hi from the UK

    hey all

    Pre-ordered this yesterday and had a quick go.

    Only played for about half an hour but what i seen was really nice..
    Sure the character graphics aint the best, the world does look realyl nice tho maybe could ahve used some better textures but thats not what this game is about

    Just starting out i started choppnig on a tree, that tree fell over i then had to chop it into logs.. this alone has got me hooked haha

    Anyway a few of my clan from Darkfall are also coming over and have pre-orderd at leat 5 of us pre-ordered last night...

    I jsut need to learn how to play now hehe the fun begins

    So anyway hi and hope to see some of you in game

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    Xsyon Citizen Riocht's Avatar
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    London, England

    Another from blighty!

    Enjoy your time ingame matey

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    Hello there, welcome to Xsyon! I am also from the Uk Enjoy your time in Xsyon


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