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    How to get a 50 slot backpack.

    1. Empty your pouch into a bin.
    2. Place your pouch into a bin.
    3. Now your pouch slot is empty.
    4. Pick up a 50 slot bin.
    5. Now you have a 50 slot backpack.


    Edit: You can still put 4 more pouches in your other pouch slots as well.

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    It took my longer than I would've liked to figure this out!

    Worthwhile post!

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    And you look pimping with the huge basket on your back.

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    Dood.. You save me all the effort into figuring that out by myself! Thank you!

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    Sometimes its fickle though. It will let you pick up scrap from junk heaps and other times it won't. They should call the resource gathering Scraping and keep the skill Scavenging the same.

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    can do it even shorter than that
    1.drop your pouch on ground
    2. pickup big pouch
    3. get your items out of old pouch on ground.

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