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    Could this downtime really be... (speculation)

    ...a stealthy server move?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mako_Jak View Post
    ...a stealthy server move?
    Nope unfortunately.

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    Ah man, that would be great.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Saorlan View Post
    Nope unfortunately.

    nay sayer..... think of fuzzy teddy bears, sunshine rainfall, and ice cream!!

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    mmmmmmmmm fuzzy teddy bears!!!

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    Wouldn't that be great!!!

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    The longer this goes on, the more my hopes and dreams soar!

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    Quote Originally Posted by tommybomb View Post
    It would be nice if Prelude started tomorrow...
    Your words in Jooky's ears

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mako_Jak View Post
    ...a stealthy server move?
    It would not be a suprise as the server switch was scheduled to happen by Monday according to Jookies update on the 18th before all the probs arose and it was determined that a wipe was needed. The below update was posted by Jookie when the official launch date was still March 1st 2011. The problems that arose should not effect a scheduled server move. We may just not find out about it immediatly as the game is apperently not yet ready to leave beta.

    Update February 18

    Thanks for all the reports regarding tribe problems and exploits. We're going to work through tonight and all weekend on this, with the first priority being to block further exploiting of placing totems.

    Multiple totems are not being saved properly so they will have to be removed.

    When all the problems have been sorted out there will be an immediate update. It might take a while.

    First of all we've set up a torrent where you can download and share the large data files:

    If you've already downloaded the large files and want to help seed the torrent, you can start the torrent download, then copy files from the Xsyon/Data directory to your Download/Data directory where the torrent stores downloaded files.

    If you want to use this as an alternate download, once you've downloaded the data files, copy them to your Xsyon/Data directory and then run the launcher.

    Although the server has settled down a bit, it is possible that we'll have to wipe again. Players have been reporting many issues with tribes not forming correctly. We will examine the logs and database tonight to see exactly what the problem is and we will decide the next step after we completely understand the problem.

    Thanks again for your patience. We are doing our best to deal with these problems.

    Things are settling down a bit. The main problem we're having is not the number of players online, but the number of players downloading. I was hoping that more players would have the game downloaded ready for this, but it appears that many players waited until now to start patching.


    Please bear with folks. We're having trouble handling so many logins and downloads at once.

    Our bandwidth is limited until we can move to a new server location. As soon as I saw the recent influx of new players we put in an order to move to new servers, but unfortunately our hosts have not been able to move us yet. This will happen before the official launch.Today's early start for pre-orders is not going well and I apologize. There's not much we can do at this very moment, just bear through it.

    It would help for players to get in and set up their totems and come back when things settle down.

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