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Thread: graphics?

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    Is there any plans to upgrade the 8 bit graphics?

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    maybe you need a new rig. Yours obviously is trash if it looks 8 bit to you. Looks better than WoW and many other games out there.

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    and why should it matter if the graphics aren't of the highest quality, it's not a single player game, not as easy making an MMO with flawless graphics without lag, ask anyone who played MO, better graphics isn't always better.

    I'm sure graphics will get better, but better gameplay should be the goal not better graphics.

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    I have most of the graphics maxed and the game looks better then what I had expected from viewing the screenshots and videos. It's obviously not as beautiful as say BFBC2 but then again this is a MMO - with a massive world and player base to handle. I would have to say that the only compliant about the graphics is that the grass is sometimes floating above the ground and messes with your camera view when looking around.

    Now the sound and animation - thats a different story, but the graphics are better then expected and run flawlessly on my machine.

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    Rifts and Darkfall look better on the lowest settings than this game turned up... I play darkfall with full shadows just fine I use a gtx 480.. its a little old but still a great card.. Keep trolling me tazer boy.. I love it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by coca View Post
    rifts and darkfall look better on the lowest settings than this game turned up... I play darkfall with full shadows just fine..
    Then there is something awfully wrong with your video card, because I can load up DF right now and its not a par with this games graphics. Unfortunately servers are down or I could show you a side by side screenshot comparison - I would run your directx test - update drivers - and then stress test the card

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    hmm... I checked vindictus and it seems fine... my card wouldn't shit out on one game and not the others...

    Maybe it has to do with the manual antialising capabilities.. darkfall has about 4 diffrent shaders along with very customisable graphics settings.
    that another problem you cant adjust them from inside of the game you have to do it at the starting window right?

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    Most of the graphic options afaik have to be pre-set at the launcher before starting the game up.

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    Actually, if you hit escape --> options in game, you can change all the settings =)

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    Ya for some reason I got this game mixed up with Wurm.

    I have my graphics maxed and the game isn't winning any prizes but its imo at least on par with DF graphics, which I found both games to have just bad textures - DF has drabby textures - Xyson has washed out textures

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