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    Some good advice for new players

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    As long as you modify you in game behavior full loot isnt an issue. Remember your not losing your level 80 purple gear that took 48 hours of raiding to aquire either.

    Behavior modification is key for any full loot pvp game if it is your first.

    Its very simple, and when you get use to it, it makes even simple tasks somewhat thrilling.

    Never bring anything you dont directly need with you. This means if you are a crafter, your not going to need all your tools or armor on you if you plan to dig for junk. If you find something of value, its time to immediately sprint back to your basket. Cant tell you how many times ive looted someone who appeard to have been scavanging in that area for hours due to the amount of loot on him, and often these people bring tools with them, despite they craft back at home in saftey.

    Basically you need to be aware of your surroundings, this means stopping and doing a 360 degree look OFTEN. Usually its best to scope out an areas you wish to scavange in, do a perimeter walk, approach unknowns already in the area before you aquire anything of value, see if they are friend or foe.

    If you need to get goods from a "hot zone", simply ask around for a combat character, offer a reward for protection..."ill make you some armor, or give you food if you camp here for an hour and offer protection" Having friends that you trust is a must.

    Know an escape route and how to sprint. Know which way is back to saftey, or at least near a tribe who will offer protection to you should you get chased down. Knowing your neighbors is important as they will recognize you but not the naked ganker close behind.

    Really thats it...not very hard, but it does require behavior modification. You wont be able to afk in unsafe spots, however you may get away with it. Dont carry anything you cant affort to lose on you, scope out areas before focusing on resourceing, bring friends, be aware (this means stopping what you are doing and looking around often)

    Do this and your losses will be minimal, and it will add a thrilling aspect to what otherwise would be hours of mindless harvesting.

    Theres no reason you should be harvesting junk piles in your best armor (your not combat right? why give a combat character something visable to aquire?) or with tools, or in an area thats highly visable without protection.

    Most of the QQ's i get after a gank are because they are pissed (though will NEVER admit it) that i just took hours of work away from them. They should be running back to their safe basket, or placing a prermission locked basket nearby and unloading every time they find something of value. Also they shouldnt be wearing their sunday best.

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    Wow you really are riding this post hard and deep today.

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    Its good advice for anyone living in this full loot game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chavoda View Post
    Its good advice for anyone living in this full loot game.
    Seconded. It's good advice, ff.

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    very good advice

    anyone who has never played a full loot pvp game, read every word here and keep it all in mind as you play

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