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Thread: Hopi Story

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aramanu View Post
    People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.
    Lol i would , because i hate glass houses!

    Guidemihr : I am sure was you hopibear who made the server crash
    GuideElijah: Hopibear I love you and I hope you donīt get a refund
    My 2 favorite guides !

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    Quote Originally Posted by master0p View Post
    Lol i would , because i hate glass houses!
    Take it from a Hopi, forget glass and go grass

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    Quote Originally Posted by r4NGe View Post
    By the end, I'm pretty sure every tree within a mile was destroyed.
    Yea.. I went out there and leveled like 50 trees about 4 hours before the server crashed and there was a roll back.. All that effort was wasted.
    It was unrelated to our tribe warfare though, I was just testing to see if I could get a point in strength that had decayed, back. It didn't work.

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    Yeah, it was fun. Where did you guys go when the wipes started we were waitng for you.

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