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    Ghosts are killing what little pvp there is in the game. Right now if you are killed you can follow your attacker anywhere with no stamina loss. You can spawn directly behind him and start hitting. This is horribly unfair.

    My suggestion is to make living players invisible and unheard by ghosts. This will not only eliminate the malicious repeated attacks made by fallen players, but also stop ghosts from being used as spies.

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    Something has to be done about this issue, fast.

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    Talking Ghosts, How it should be..

    Firstly we need magic or Bandages....

    Ghosts should not auto respawn they should only respawn at the totems, or by being reserected by players with either Magic Or Healing with bandages just like in Ultima Online .... Period.

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    Let me get this straight. You think it is horribly unfair that the person that you killed and presumably stripped of weapons and armor can attack you naked and and at half health?

    How about changing the game to make you invulnerable for a month after killing a player, or maybe a big red "I win!" button you (and only you) can press when you feel you might loose? Would this make PvP more enjoyable for you?

    Since Xsyon magic is reportedly shamanistic and shamans can visit the spirit world, a spell to see the dead would fit the game world. However, you would probably fail at this because you lowered your spirit to a minimum.


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    Ghost can be no longer used then 1 min at max. 30sec rez time 30 sec not pressing on the button and you auto-respaw.
    ghost is for neutral and good players, pk's griefers and general evil players are transported back to totems. this is thea anti-pk/grief penalty.

    this wont be chanced is is tight to the alignment system and several other systems that together all work in balance. some thigns are not turned on thus something might seem a little unbalalnced right now.

    anyone who done a "signed" in this tread should really start reading about the reasons. if they know the reasons then its just a attempts to make the game easy for them (the killers)

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