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    Sure going to second this even if it play merry hell on my rig. nice find Aramanu

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    video is here:
    (doesn't show up in your post with IE 9)

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    That is amazing. Would love to see something like that in-game. Could you imagine WANTING to get back to your home/tent/etc to get out of that?

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    A weather system like that would be freaking amazing. It adds a lot of immersion and realism to the game. Xyson could add a bunch of effects to a storm like that such as comfort levels, because being drenched in a rainstorm is no fun, wind slowing the character down, and maybe even a random chance of lightning strike (mainly on trees that could destroy it, but sometimes humans get hit.)

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    My heart just skipped at the thought of how awesome this would be in my new favourite game.

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    I started checking out this unity program and im very impressed. I my self would love to see that in Xsyon as well if Jooky can do it. I see dollar signs and a bigger range of players to flock to Xsyon if this could be done. The more real you make a game the more gamers will come. Most want admit it but they will.

    I also seen tornadoes in this unity program which would add a nice twist to game play where a village can be effectted.
    Like in real life tornadoes hit flat land more than they do land surrounded by hills. I can see trees getting tore down an animals running away from there area for a time being effecting resources which add nice realizem to the game and causing players to want to play for hour's.

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    I completly agree! with as much as weather plays a part in this game (or will) with comfort and such, it would make that element have meaning more than just a bar to watch to see if its affecting you...watching that video actually makes me feel as if
    "oh crap, I need to get into the tent, its POURING outside, my guy wouldn't be comfortable at all"

    as compared to now, where its "hey some white lines are randomly flying down my screen.

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    please oh please add this , even if they ignore the wind effects, the sound and gradually changing weather and lighting would enhance immersion so much!

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